Entrepreneurship Development 104' 2023 [DODLDU MCOM 1st SEM Question Paper]

Entrepreneurship Development 104 DODLDU MCOM 1st SEM Question Paper

Paper: COM-104 (Entrepreneurship Development)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three Hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1.(a) Who is an entrepreneur? What are the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs in small firms?    5+11=16


(b) Differentiate between entrepreneurs and managers. Discuss the importance of entrepreneurship in small firms in a developing economy like India. 6+10=16

2.(a) Discuss the traits of an entrepreneur. Elaborate the views put forth by Joseph Schumpeter on entrepreneurship. 6+10=16


(b) What are the views of Peter Drucker on entrepreneurship? Discuss the theory of transaction cost.       7+9=16

3.(a) Discuss the various factors to be considered by an entrepreneur while identifying business opportunities. What marketing practices are usually adopted by small firms?      9+7=16


(b) What are the basic motives of business opportunity analysis? Elucidate the role of National Small Industries Corporation in promoting and supporting the MSME sector of India.    6+10=16

4.(a) Elaborate the different phases of an Entrepreneurial Development Programme.   16


(b) Do you think EDPs are effective in developing first generation entrepreneurs? Critically evaluate the importance and effectiveness of EDPs in India.      6+10=16

5.(a) How does entrepreneurship aid in economic development? What are the reasons behind slow growth of entrepreneurship in North-East India?    8+8=16


(b) Discuss which industries have potential for development in North-East India in the near future? What sort of institutional support would be required to develop such industries? 10+6=16


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