Financial Management - II 302' 2023 [DODLDU MCOM 3ND SEM Question Paper]

   Financial Management - II  302' 2023
DODLDU MCOM 3RD SEM Question Paper
Paper: COM – 302( Financial Management - II)

Full Marks: 80
Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) What are various sources available to Indian Businessmen for raising long-term funds? Discuss.      Or

(b) What are debentures? What type of debentures can a joint stock company issue? Evaluate debentures as a source of long-term finance.        4+4+8=16

2. (a) What do you mean by Commercial paper? Explain the RBI guidelines for issuance of a Commercial paper.    4+12=16


(b) Discuss the role of unsecured and secured borrowings in the financial management of a company.  16

3. (a) What are derivatives? Discuss the reasons for the explosive growth of derivatives in Indian financial market. 4+12=16


b) What are options? Explain different types of options available in financial market.   4+12=16

4. Write notes on: (any four)     8x4=32

(1) Pros and Cons of Preference shares.

(2) Right issue of Equity shares.

(3) Advantages of Equity shares.

(4) Letter of credit.

(5) Revolving Credit Agreement.

(6) Captive Finance Companies.

(7) Options trading strategies.

(8) Forward contracts.


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