Company Law Question Paper' 2010 (Old course), Dibrugarh University B.Com 4th Sem

Company Law Question Paper
2010 Old Course
Dibrugarh University B.Com 4th Sem
Full Marks: 70, Pass Marks: 30

1. (a)  What is Memorandum   of Association?  What are its contents? Distinguish   between Memorandum and articles   of Association.

(b)  Discuss   about    the different kinds   of companies.

2. (a) Explain the rights and liabilities shareholders  of a company.


(b) What is Debenture? Distinguish between a  share and a Debenture.

3. (a)   Explain,  in detail, the procedure for registration of charges. State the purpose of charges.


(b) Explain the consequences  of non registration   of charges.

4. (a) Discuss    about   the various    annual   returns    of companies.


(b)  When in what manner and by whom an Annual General  Meeting   be called?

 5.   (a)  State  the  provisions of  the  companies  Act  regarding  the constitution  of  the  Board    of   Directors. How is casual   vacancy   of Director filled?


(b)  What is the   manner   of appointing a Managing Directors?  Who cannot   be   appointed as   Managing Director?