Company Law Question Paper May' 2013, Dibrugarh University B.Com 4th Semester

Company Law Question Paper May' 2013
Dibrugarh University B.Com 4th Semester
Commerce (Gen/Spe)

Course Code: 402
Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
1. Write true or false:                     1x4=4
(a) In case of a private company there is no restriction to transfer of shares.
(b) Quorum of general meeting is maximum five members personally present for a public company.
(c) A director of a company may be a person, a firm or a body corporate.
(d) A company can be a member of another company.
2. Fill in the blanks with correct answer:                 1x4=4
(a) Articles of association contain the rules and regulations of management of ________ affairs of a company.
(b) In case of a public company, minimum number of directors is _____________.
(c) A limited company must not hold ________ meeting within one month from the commencement of business.
(d) No person can hold office as director, at the same time, in more than ___________ companies.
3. Write briefly on any four of the following:                       4x4=16
(a) Statutory meeting                                    (b) Minimum subscription
(c) Fixed charge                                                                (d) Managing director
(e) Prospectus                                                  (f) Share Premium
4. (a) What are the privileges and exemptions enjoyed by a private company under the Companies Act, 1956?   12
(b) Define Memorandum of Association. What are its contents? Explain.          4+8=12
5. (a) What is share warrant? How does it differ from share certificate?                  4+7=11
(b) Explain the procedure for conversion of share into stock. Distinguish between stock and share.          5+6=11
6. (a) Explain the procedure of registration of charges.   11
(b) What is a charge? What are the consequences of non-registration of charges?            4+7=11
7. (a) What are the objectives of holding an annual general meeting of a company? What are the consequences of not holding such a meeting?                               5+6=11
(b) Discuss the requisites of a Valid meeting of a company.          11

8. (a) Discuss the procedure regarding appointment of Directors in a company.                  11
(b) Explain the duties of Directors in a company.

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