Company Law Question Paper ' 2020 | B.Com 3rd Sem (Non Hons) | CBCS Pattern

Dibrugarh University Question Papers
B.Com 3rd Sem Non Hons (CBCS Pattern)


2 0 2 0 (Held in April–May, 2021)

COMMERCE (Non Honours)

Paper: CC–302 (Company Law)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

dibrugarh university 3rd sem question paper cbcs

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Write True or False:    1×4=4

a)         A company is a legal person. Therefore it acquires citizenship.

b)         Share certificate can be issued only in respect of fully paid share.

c)          In case of a public company, the minimum number of directors is three.

d)         The auditor of a company may be regarded as an agent of the shareholders.

2. Fill in the blanks:          1×4=4

a)         Articles of Association of a company contain the rules and regulations for the ________ management of a company.

b)         The first auditor of a company shall be appointed by the ________.

c)          The gap between two annual general meetings must not be more than ________ months.

d)         A company wound up by an order of the ________ is called compulsory winding-up.

3. Answer the following questions (any four ):   4×4=16

a)         What do you understand by ‘perpetual succession’ of a company?

b)         What are the four important characteristics of a private company?

c)          What do you mean by share of a company?

d)         What is the difference between dividend and profit?

e)         Under what circumstances, extraordinary general meeting needs to be called?

f)          What do you understand by one-person company?

4. Who is promoter? Discuss about the functions of promoter.                   2+10=12


What are the privileges and exemptions available to a private company? Discuss.   12

5. What is Memorandum of Association? Explain the various clauses of Memorandum of Association.     2+10=12


What is share certificate? Distinguish between share certificate and share warrant.   2+10=12

6. Briefly discuss the provisions of the Companies Act regarding the appointment of directors.   12


What is Annual General Meeting? Discuss the legal provisions regarding Annual General Meeting.           2+10=12

7. What are the different books of account that a company registered under the Companies Act is bound to maintain? Discuss.                                10


What do you understand by winding-up of a company? Briefly explain the various modes of winding-up.  2+8=10

8. Explain the ‘vigil’ mechanism established under the Companies Act, 2013.       10


Explain the legal provisions regarding insider trading.      10


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