Dibrugarh University - Company Law' 2012 (Old Course)

1.       (a) Discuss briefly various constituents for company law administration in india.  14
(b) What is Article of Association? What are its important contents? How can the articles be altered?  3+6+5=14

2.       (a) What do you mean by a Share? Explain various kinds of share that may be issued by a company.  4+10=14
(b) Write short note on the following:                            7x2=14
(i) Issue of share at a premium
(ii) Issue of share at a discount

3.       (a) What is charge? Explain the purpose of registering charges. What is fixed charge?              4+6+4=14
(b) What is floating charge? Explain the procedure for registration of charges.            4+10=14

4.       (a) What is a Register of members? What are its objects? In what circumstances, alteration can be made in it without the sanction of court?    3+4+7=14
(b) What is an “Annual General meeting” of a company? Outline the business usually transacted at this meeting. State the statutory rules governing the holding of annual general meeting.  3+5+6=14

5.       (a) How are directors appointed in a company? What restrictions have been imposed by the companies act in respect of appointment of directors?  4+10=14
(b) Define a “Managing Director” of a company. Discuss the statutory restrictions on managing director’s appointment and remuneration.  4+10=14