AHSEC - Class 11 Question Paper: History' 2015

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1.       Answer the following questions:                      1x12=12
(a) Who was the author of On the Origin of Species?
(b) What does the work ‘Mesopotamia’ mean?
(c) Which languages were used in the administration of the Roman Empire?
(d) Who was Hazarat Muhammad?
(e) From which English year did the ‘Hizri’ year starts?
(f) What was the real name of Genghis Khan?
(g) What does the word ‘Feud’ mean?
(h) Who was Marc Bloch?
(i) Name the sailor who discovered America.
(j) Who was Ptolemy?
(k) Name the country were the Industrial Revolution started first.
(l) Who is known as the architect of modern China?

2.       Answer the following questions in brief:       2x12=24
(a) Mention two physical characteristics of the hominids.
(b) Mention the name of the two rivers that enriched the Mesopotamian Civilization.
(c) Mention the name of the goods which were mainly imported by the Romans.
(d) Mention two Sects of Islam and write one characteristic of each.
(e) Write two features of early feudal society in France.
(f) Who was Martin Luther and to which European country did he belong?
(g) Mention the name of two famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.
(h) What do you mean by ‘Industrial Revolution’?
(i) How did the discovery of fire benefit the early men?
(j) In which language the Quran was written and how many Chapters are there?
(k) By whom printing press was invented? Name the first printed book.
(l) Japan contains mainly four islands. What are their names?

3.       Answer the following questions:      4x10=40
(a) How did the early men procure their food?
(b) What were the social classes into which the Mesopotamian society was divided?
(c) What was the position of women in early Roman society?
(d) How were Islamic architectural forms different from Roman architectural forms?
(e) What were the three principles of Sun Yat-sen?
(f) Why was the history of the Australian native people left out of history books?
(g) Describe Japan’s role in the Second World War.
(h) Who were the authors of the following books?
(i)      Rubayat.
(ii)    Shahnama.
(iii)   The travel.
(iv)  The prince.
(i) Relate the following years with the events:
(i) Formation of East India Company.
(ii) Magellan sails around the world.
(iii) Columbus discovered America.
(iv) Vasco da Gama came to India.
(j) What was Gold Rush?

4.       Answer any four questions:                                6x4=24
(a) How did the beginning of agriculture influence the life of the early men?
(b) What was the position of the peasants in the medieval European society?
(c) Write a brief note either about the Inkas of Peru or about the Aztecs.
(d) Why did the Renaissance take place in Italy first?
(e) Why Genghis Khan is considered as the greatest leader of the Mongols?
(f) What was ‘Abbasid Revolution’?

(g) Mention four causes responsible for the break-up of the Caliphate.