AHSEC - Class 11 Question Paper: Education' 2017

Full Marks – 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Give appropriate answer as directed:                                                1x12=12
a)      “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.” Who said this?
b)      Who wrote the book, ‘Emile’?
c)       Extrovertism is the characteristic of infancy period. [Write True or False]
d)      In which year was the University Grants Commission constituted?
e)      Education has no relation to Biology. [Write True or False]
f)       Write the full form of NCERT.
g)      ____ is considered as the father of Educational psychology. [Fill in the blank]
h)      What is the other name of ‘Monitorial system’?
i)        Name the famous educationist who laid stress on the training of sense organ for child education.
j)        Who claimed for compulsory primary education during the British rule in India?
k)      Emotion is an agitated state of mind. [Write True or False]
l)        Mention one limitation of computer.

2. Answer the following questions:                                          2x12=24
a)      Mention two objectives of pre-primary education.

b)      Write two major characteristics of non-formal education.
c)       Write two differences between formal and informal education.
d)      Mention two major parts of a computer.
e)      Write two characteristics of instinct.
f)       Write two major recommendations of Wood’s Educational Despatch of 1854.
g)      Mention two differences between sensation and perception.
h)      Write two functions of SCERT.
i)        Write two main features of Gandhiji’s basic education.
j)        Write two provisions of Article 45 of the Indian Constitution.
k)      What do you mean by conception?
l)        Mention two merits of habit.
3. Answer the following questions:                                          4x10=40
a)      What do you mean by vocational aim of education?
b)      Mention four characteristics of adolescence period.
c)       Briefly write about four major functions of spinal cord.
d)      Mention four differences between instinct and reflex action.
e)      Mention four challenges before the teachers in the context of new social background.
f)       Briefly discuss the role of parents and teachers in habit formation.
g)      Write four characteristics of Sarva Siksha Abhijan.
h)      Mention four merits of co curricular activities in a school.
i)        Give the concept of child psychology and developmental psychology as two important branches of psychology.
j)        Mention four major problems of adolescence period.
4. What do you mean by social aim of education? Mention three points of differences between social and individual aim of education.                          3+3=6
5. What is curriculum? Highlight four needs of curriculum.                             2+4=6
6. Who appointed Hunter Commission? Write five major recommendations of Hunter Commission for the development of primary education in India.                          1+5=6
Write a short note on the contribution of Christian Missionaries towards the development of education and literature in Assam.
7. What is educational psychology? Briefly write about the scope of educational psychology.   1+5=6