AHSEC - Class 11 Question Paper: Education' 2016

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Give appropriate answer as directed:                                 1x12=12
a)         Give a definition of education.
b)         Who is called the ‘father of modern education’?
c)          Who is the writer of the book, Democracy and Education?
d)         “Sense of animism is a characteristic of childhood period.” (Write True or False)
e)         What is hallucination?
f)          Write the full form of DEIT.
g)         What is the origin Greek word of ‘school’?
h)         “Need is a state of physiological deficiency.” (Write True or False)
i)           “Psychology is the positive science of behaviour of all living being.” Who said this?
j)           “Habit is called _____ nature.” (Fill in the blank)
k)         “Childhood period is called the period of _____.” (Fill in the blank)
l)           “Instinct is an acquired quality of an individual.” (Write True or False)
2. Answer the following questions:                                                                                          2x12=24
a)         How is Education related to Sociology?
b)         Mention two characteristics of ancient Gurukul system of education in India.
c)          Mention two problems of adolescence period.
d)         Write two differences between formal and non-formal education.
e)         What is Internet?
f)          Mention two major functions of NCERT.
g)         Write two principles of curriculum construction.
h)         What is organic sensation?
i)           Mention two major contributions of Christian Missionaries towards the field of education in Assam.
j)           What do you mean by ‘Total Literacy Campaign’?
k)         What is Web site?
l)           Mention two methods of educational psychology.
3. Answer the following questions:                                                                                          4x10=40
a)         Briefly write about the scope of education.
b)         Why should a teacher study Psychology?
c)          Mention two functions of cerebrum and cerebellum.
d)         Discuss the professional qualities of a teacher.
e)         What is emotion? Mention three characteristics of emotion.
f)          Write a short note on Madrassa.
g)         Write four features of ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’.
h)         Discuss briefly the responsibility of a teacher as motivator.
i)           Discuss four means of removal of bad habits.
j)           Write four major causes of failure of Basic Education in India.
4. Briefly discuss about the aims of education for adolescence period.                                    6
What is curriculum? Write about the narrow and wide meaning of curriculum.   2+4=6
5. Write briefly about the individualistic aim of education.                                                             6
6. Write the major recommendations of Wood’s Educational Dispatch of 1854.                   6
7. Discuss about six types of co-curricular activities generally observed in school environment.  6
What is perception? Write four differences between sensation and perception.       2+4=6


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