AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Geography' 2014

Full Marks: 70
Pass Marks: 21
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Choose the right answer from the four alternatives given below:                                         1x4=4
a)         Which one of the following is not an area of sparse population?
1)      The Atacama.
2)      South-East Asia.
3)      Equatorial region.
4)      Polar region.
b)         Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
1)      Coffee.
2)      Wheat.
3)      Sugarcane.
4)      Rubber.
c)          Which one of the following towns is not located on a river bank?
1)      Agra.
2)      Patna.
3)      Bhopal.
4)      Kolkata.
d)         Which one of the following is the cause of acid rain?
1)      Air pollution.
2)      Water pollution.
3)      Land pollution.
4)      Noise pollution.
2. Answer the following questions in brief:                                                                          1x4=4
a)         What is a river basin?
b)         What is ‘White Revolution’?
c)          What is ‘red collar worker’?
d)         What do you mean by barter system?
3. Answer in brief:                                                                                                                           2x10=20
a)         Name two sub-fields of Human Geography.
b)         Give two examples of tertiary activities.
c)          What are the two types of water transport?
d)         Name two types of international trade.
e)         Name two peaks of Karbi Plateau.
f)          Name two silk fibres product in Assam.
g)         Write two products of petrochemical industries.
h)         Name two ports of India located in the east coast.
i)           Write two major oil fields of India.
j)           Write two examples of non-renewable resources.
4. Answer the following questions in about 100 words:                                                  3x9=27
a)         How is Human Geography related to other social sciences?
b)         How is sex ratio calculated?
c)          Explain major features of cooperative farming.
d)         Distinguish between transport and communication.
e)         What is Border Road? Explain its major features.
f)          Discuss briefly the major features of rural settlements.
g)         Write about river islands of the Brahmaputra River.
h)         What are the geographical factors which favours the tea cultivation in Assam?
i)           Discuss briefly the environmental pollution caused by solid wastes.
5. Answer the following questions (any three):                                                                  5x3=15
a)         Describe the nature of Human Geography.
b)         Who developed the concept of Human Development? How has he described Human Development?
c)          Give an account of causes the consequences of migration.
d)         Mark the following objects (place and rivers) on the outline sketch map of India:
Capital of two States –
1)      Aizawl.
2)      Ranchi.
Two rivers –
1)      Mahanadi.
2)      Narmada.

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