AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Geography' 2019

( Theory )
Full Marks : 70
Pass Marks : 21
Time : Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
1. Choose the correct answer from the four alternatives given below :                                   1×4=4

a)         Which of the two seas/oceans are connected by the Suez Canal ?
1)         Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.
2)         Altantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.
3)         Caspian Sea and Mediterranean Sea.
4)         Caspian Sea and Black Sea.
b)         Jamshedpur is an example of which type of town/city ?
1)         Commerical city.
2)         Industrial city.
3)         Mineral town.
4)         Administrative town.
c)          Which state is ranked first in tea production in India ?
d)         Which country has the largest road network in the world ?
2. Answer very briefly on :                                                         1×4=4
a)         What is the full form of NHAI ?
b)         Write the name of a disease caused by water pollution.
c)          Where the Rengma Hill is situated ?
d)         In which district the literacy rate is highest in Assam as per the census 2011 ?
3. Answer in brief :                                                                            2×10=20
a)         What do you mean by Environmental determinism ?
b)         What are the problems of human settlement in developing countries ?
c)          Write two socio-economic factors responsible for distribution of population.
d)         Why India is called a land of villages ? Justify.
e)         What are the two bases of Indian migration ?
f)          Write a note on cotton cultivation in India.
g)         What are the contributions of India in World Trade ?
h)         Discuss the environmental pollution caused by solid wastes.
i)           What is the average length and breadth of the plain of the Brahmaputra Valley ?
j)           Write about the causes of population increase in Assam.
4. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each :(any nine)                    3×9=27
a)         Write about the significance of age–sex pyramid.
b)         What are the differences between secondary and tertiary activities ?
c)          Write about the North Atlantic Sea Route.
d)         Why the water transport is cheaper than other modes of transport ?
e)         On the basis of function, classify the towns.
f)          Describe various types of road transport in India.
g)         Classify wasteland according to National Remote Sensing Agency.
h)         Write the importance of silk industry of Assam.
i)           What are the main problems of Rail Transport in Assam ?
j)           How are the countries classified on the basis of human development index ?
5. Answer the following questions : (any three)                                                   5×3=15
(a) Discuss the Geographical factors affecting the distribution of population.
(b) Discuss the factors of tourist attractions.
(c) Discuss the main problems of agriculture in India.
(d) Draw an outline map of India and mark the following therein.
1)         Two port cities.
2)         Two oil refineries.

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