Alternative English Question Paper' 2019 | B.Com 1st Sem Hons | Dibrugarh University

 2019 (December)
Paper: AECC-2
Full Marks: 40
Pass Marks: 16
Time: 2 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


1. Answer the following questions:                                          4x5=20

a)      Explain Gandhi’s opinion on cowardice and violence.                              4


Write a brief note on the Boer War.

b)      How does the caste system operate at various levels of Indian Society?                         4


Explain, after Ambedkar, the negative side of education.

c)       “I am a member of a committee established by the British Broadcasting Corporation ….” What committee is referred to here? Did it meet its objectives?       2+2=4


Elaborate Shaw’s views on company manners and home manners.                          4

d)      How is Mass culture utilized by power groups in the East and the West?        4


Why does the author say that Mass Culture vulgarizes High Culture?                      

e)      Briefly explain the features of Greek Religion.            4


Examine Dickinson’s view that harmony was central to Greek institutions.


2. Answer the following questions:                          4x5=20

a)      How does the acquisition of land affect Pahom’s personality?                                            4


Who were the Bashkir’s? Give a brief description of their way of life.                      1+3=4

b)      Give a brief physical description of the astrologer and mention its effect on the people who saw him. 4


How is coincidence an important element of Narayan’s An Astrologer’s Day? Discuss.

c)       Give a brief description of Dulcie. What did she sell at the departmental store?          2+2=4


Comment on the ending of O. Henry’s An Unfinished Story.

d)      What were the similarities between the conditions of the Pakistani and Indian soldiers fighting the war described in the story, The Dog of Tithwal?          4


How did Corporal Harnam Singh greet the dog when it tried to return to the Indian side? How did the Pakistani side retaliate?     2+2=4

e)      What were the ‘new happenings’ in Nagaland that were shaping people’s lives in the late fifties?     4


Give a brief description of Boss.               


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