Alternative English Question Paper' 2020 (Held in 2021), Dibrugarh University BCOM 1st Sem Hons CBCS Pattern

 Dibrugarh University B.Com 1st Sem Question Papers
2021 (March)
Paper: AECC-2
Full Marks: 40
Pass Marks: 16
Time: 2 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


1. Answer the following questions:

(a)  Why does M. K. Gandhi say, in the context of the essay? The Doctrine of the Sword that he is a practical idealist? 4


What is non-violence in its dynamic condition?

(b) How is democracy understood by the people in India? How, according to B. R. Ambedkar, is democracy different from republic? Explain with reference to the essay, Prospects of Democracy in India.          4


What does B. R. Ambedkar mean by Graded Inequality?

(c)  What is a provincial or Cockney dialect? Why does G. B. Shaw say that people speaking this dialect are a little ashamed in the essay, Spoken English and Broken English?     2+2=4


Why does G. B. Shaw say that a non-native speaker of English should not try to speak good English in England? Explain.                 4

(d) Where was the study of ‘mass culture’ published? Why does the author M. V. C. Geffreys regard ‘mass culture’ as an article of mass consumption in the essay, Mass Culture?                1+3=4


How is ‘mass culture’ different from ‘high culture’ and ‘folk culture’?                        4

(e)  Explain G. L. Dickinson’s statement in the essay, The Greek View of Life that Plato was rooted in the facts of life. 4


Why does the author speculate that the religion of the Greeks was open to double criticism?


2. Answer the following questions:

(a)  Examine the significance of the title of Leo Tolstoy’s essay, How Much Land Does a Man Need?


What is a ‘Commune’? Why were the peasants unable to purchase the Old Lady’s Land on behalf of the ‘Commune’?                1+3=4

(b) Present in brief, the setting of the story, An Astrologer’s Day by R. K. Narayan.   4


How is the author’s skeptical attitude toward astrology underlined in the story? Examine.

(c)  How is the life of the poor in a big city like New York depicted in the story The Unfinished Story? Examine.     4


Present a character sketch of Piggy.

(d) What sort of the War are the soldiers of both sides flighting in the peaceful rural setting described at the beginning of the story, The Dog of Tithwal?        4


On the Pakistani side, what was the reaction of the soldiers when the dog arrived?

(e)  Discuss how the political context of Nagaland serves as a backdrop to the story, Soaba. 4


Describe the circumstances leading to Soaba’s tragic death.

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