Business Organisation and Management BOM Important Questions, B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern, Dibrugarh University

Business Organisation and Management BOM Important Questions
B.Com CBCS Pattern
Dibrugarh University

Unit 1: Foundation of Indian Business

Q. 1. What is Small and Medium Enterprises? State the problems faced by small and medium enterprises. Critically evaluated the policy of the government towards small and medium enterprises (govt. institutions and their role).

Q.2. Describe the role played by the Small Manufacturing Enterprises in the economic development of a country.                      2021

Q.3. Critically explain the impact of Liberalisation and Globalisation on Indian Economy.  2019

Q.4. Explain the relevance of Make in India Concept.

Q.5. Explain the social responsibility of business towards various section of the society.  2019

Q.6. What is business ethics? Explain its elements.

Q.7. Explain in detail the recent technological innovations and skill development concept in India.

Q.8. What are the emerging business opportunities in India? (Ecommerce/Outsourcing/Franchising)

Unit 2: Forms of Business Organisation

Q. 1. Explain the following forms of business organisation with their respective features, merits and demerits + Difference:

a) Sole Trade

b) Partnership

c) Joint Hindu Family

d) Cooperative Society                     2021

e) LLP

f) MNCs

g) Public Enterprises

Q.2. Which form of business organisation is considered to be best? Explain. Or Company form of organisation is considered to be superior over other forms of business organisation.

Q.3. What are Public Enterprises? Critically evaluate the role of public enterprises in Indian economy.

Q.4. What are Global enterprises/Multinational corporations? Critically evaluate the significance of MNCs’. 2019

Q.5. What is international business? What are its features? Mention their merits and demerits. 2021

Q.6. “A Cooperative Society is formed to serve its members and not to earn profit.” Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

Unit 3: Management and Organisation


Q. Explain the Concept of Planning. What are its importance and limitations?

Q. Explain the essential features and Principles of a good plan.

Q. What is Planning Premises? Write a brief note on Process of Planning.

Q. Explain in brief the Concept of Decision making. What are the various techniques of decision making? Explain them.

Q. Discuss the various steps involved in the ‘Decision-making Process’. 2021

Q. What is strategic planning? Describe the essential steps to formulate strategic planning.


Q. What is Departmentation? What are the various bases or methods for departmentation? Discuss the factors which are to be considered in choosing a suitable form of Departmentation. 2021

Q. Explain the concept of Organisation and organising. Explain its nature and importance.

Q. Explain briefly various forms of business organisation.

Q. Explain the principles of sound business organisation.

Q. Write a brief note on Functional, Project, Matrix and Network form of organisation.

Q. What is Decentralisation and delegation of authority? Explain them briefly. Distinguish between centralization and decentralization.

Q. “Delegation of authority is necessary in all types of organizations.” Give reasons in support of your answer 2019

Q. Write short note on Organisation Process.       2019

Unit 4: Leadership, Motivation and Control


Leadership and Motivation

Q. Define Leadership. Mention essential qualities for Leadership.                      2018

Q. Explain traits and situation theory of Leadership.                    VVI

Q. Explain the concept of leadership. Discuss its significance in the management of a large manufacturing enterprise. 2014, 2017

Q. What is motivation? Explain its nature and importance.         2017, 2019

Q. Write a brief note on Abraham Maslow theory of Motivation.          2021

Q. Explain:

Ø  4 Leadership styles                      2019

Ø  Maslow theory of Motivation                2015, 2016,

Ø  Herzberg theory of Motivation              2015

Ø  McGregor theory of Motivation

Ø  Maslow Vs Herzberg theory of motivation


Controlling and Business Communication

Q. Discuss the Traditional (2015) and Modern (2014) techniques of Managerial Control.                    2015

Q. Explain the meaning of Controlling. Explain its steps.              2016, 2021

Q. Mention essential characteristics of controlling. What are its advantages (2013) and disadvantages? 2014

Q. Justify the Relationship between Planning and Controlling. Also distinguish between Planning and Controlling.    2018

Q. Write short notes on: Essentials of effective control system   2013, 2018SN


Q. What is communication? Explain the process of communication.

Q. Explain various barriers to communication. How these barriers can be overcome?


Unit 5: Functional Areas of Management

(Marketing Management, HRM and Financial Management?)

PART A: Marketing Management

Q.1. Define marketing and state its importance in today’s world.          2021

Q.2. How market is different from marketing? Explain the nature and Scope of marketing.   2018

Q.3. Distinguish between Marketing and Selling. Mention various objectives of marketing.  

Q.4. Write a note on the traditional and modern concept of marketing and also distinguish between them. Briefly discuss the six different concepts of marketing.

Q.5. What is Marketing Mix? What are the elements of marketing mix? Explain them briefly. (4 P’s)

Q.6. Explain the different stages of product life cycle (PLC). What is marketing house strategy at each stage? 2019

Q.7. What do you mean by price and pricing? What are the various objectives of pricing? Explain the importance of pricing.

Q.8. Write a detailed note on various pricing methods. (Skimming Price policy)


Financial Management

Q.1. What is financial management? Explain it objectives.           2021

Q.2. Explain the need and significance of financial management.

Q.2. Explain various sources of funds for a company.

Q.3. What is securities market? Explain the objectives and role of SEBI in securities market.

Q.4. Write short notes on Venture Capital and Lease financing.

Human Resource Management

Q.1. What is human resource management? Explain its functions.

Q. 2. Discuss the nature and objectives of human resource management.         2019

Q.3. Explain the role and Importance of HRM.

Q.4. Explain basic dynamics of employer-employee relationship.

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