Environmental Education Question Paper 2022 [AHSEC Class 11 Question Paper]

Environmental Education Question Paper 2022
AHSEC Class 11 Question Paper

Full Marks: 30
Time: 1 hour.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Answer in short (any five):                 1x5=5

(1)       Define biodiversity.

(2)       Which day is observed as the ‘World Environment Day’?

(3)       What is the name of the solid mantle of the earth?

(4)       Write the full form of NDRF.

(5)       Write the name of a biosphere reserve of Assam.

(6)       What is food web?

(7)       Give example of one lotic aquatic ecosystem.

(8)       What do you mean by climate change?

(b) Fill in the blanks (any three):                                            1x3=3

(1)       Uranium is ________ energy resource.

(2)       Cholera is a _______ disease.

(3)       Tiger is _______ level consumer of ecosystem.

(4)       Frog is _______ level consumer of ecosystem.

(5)       ‘The First Decade of Action for Road Safety’ is _______.

2. Write short accounts of (any five):         2x5=10

(a)       Food chain.

(b)       Acid rain.

(c)        Greenhouse effect.

(d)       Ex situ conservation.

(e)       Sources of sound pollution.

(f)         Ecosystem.

(g)       The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

(h)       Causes of threats to biodiversity.

3. Define and distinguish (any four):     (2+1) x 4=12

(1)       Producer and Consumer.

(2)       Lithosphere and Hydrosphere.

(3)       Pollutant and Pollution.

(4)       Renewable and Non-renewable resources.

(5)       Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes.

(6)       Road marking and Zebra crossing.

(7)       Atmosphere and Biosphere.

(8)       Infrastructure factor and Mechanical factor.

4. Answer the following questions (any two):           5x2=10

(a)       Describe the various air pollutants.

(b)       Write few importances of health and hygiene.

(c)        What do you mean by global warming? Mention two consequences of global warming.

(d)       What are the major causes of deforestation in Northeast India?

(e)       Write the role of students in disaster management.

(f)         Write about the national conservation strategies.

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