Management Principle and Application Question Paper 2021 [Assam University B. Com 3rd Sem Question Paper CBCS Pattern]

Management Principle and Application Question Paper 2021

Assam University B. Com 3rd Sem Question Paper CBCS Pattern

TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam., 2020 held in March, 2021
COMMERCE (3rd Semester)
Course No.: COMHCC-303T
(Management Principle and Application Question Paper 2021)

Full Marks: 70

Pass Marks: 28

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


1. Answer any ten of the following questions:                      2x10=20

(a)       State any two functions of management.

(b)       Write down two principles of human relations approach.

(c)        Mention two features of contingency approach.

(d)       What is strategic planning??

(e)       Define MIS.

(f)         What is decision-making?

(g)       What is span of management?

(h)       Define functional authority.

(i)         What is delegation of authority?

(j)         What is staffing?

(k)       What is motivation?

(l)         Define leadership.

(m)     Who is ratio analysis?

(n)       Write down two features of budgetary control.

(o)       What is PERT?


Answer any five questions

2. What is MBO? Explain the significance of MBO in modern business organizations.    2+8=10

3. Narrate the contribution of Henry Fayol in the field of management.                   10

4. What is business environment? Discuss various components of business environment.   2+8=10

5. Explain the techniques of scientific decision making process.          10

6. Distinguish between line and staff authority in an organization.            10

7. State the principles of delegation of authority.                               10

8. What is need theory? Explain the significance of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation.             2+8=10

9. Explain the role of transformational leadership in modern organizations.         10

10. Explain various techniques of good control system.                   10

11. Narrate the emerging issues of management in present-day business environment. 10

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