AHSEC Class 11 Question Paper: Banking' 2016 | Class 11 Finance (Banking) Question Papers

[AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers, Banking Question Papers, Finance Question Papers, 2016]

AHSEC Class 11 finance Question Paper 2016

Class 11 Finance (Banking) Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers' 2016
Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:                   1x8=8
a)         In which year ‘Central Bank’ in India was established?
b)         The ‘Imperial Bank of India Act’ was passed in ____. (Fill in the blank)
c)          What is inflation?
d)         State the meaning of e-banking.
e)         What is Investment Bank?
f)          Write the full form of NABARD.
g)         All the ATMs are open for 12/18/24 hours. (Choose the correct answer)
h)         Explain who is a minor.
2. Give the definition of Bank.                                    2
3. State the meaning of bank rate.                           2
4. What is barter system?                                             2
5. Mention any two defects of Indigenous Bank.             2
6. Classify bank accounts.                                             2
7. Give the meaning of overdraft.                            3
8. Explain about any three internal departments of a bank.                          3
9. What do you mean by Trade Cycle?                    3
10. Explain why the Central Bank is called ‘banker’s bank’.                            3
11. State the meaning of Insurance of bank deposit.                                       3
12. Narrate five differences between Cooperative Bank and Commercial Bank.     5
13. Describe the methods of issuing notes by the Central Bank.       5
14. Elaborately discuss about the different types of banks.                           5
15. Explain briefly about the main objectives of credit control.                    5
16. Write a short note on the different phases of trade cycle.                     5
17. Discuss the agency functions of a bank.                          5
      What are the secondary functions of bank?                   5
18. State any two selective credit control techniques adopted by Reserve Bank of India.    5
      What are the different types of e-banking services?           5
19. Mention the different types of accounts. Explain the procedure of opening savings account.   2+6=8
      What precaution should be taken by a banker while opening account in the name of a married woman?         8
20. Explain the capital and licensing of a Commercial Bank.                            4+4=8
21. Mention four Development Banks in India. Explain the main functions of Development Bank.    4+4=8
22. Explain the differences between Investment Bank and Commercial Bank.   8
      Write short notes on any two of the following:                            8
a)         Regional Rural Bank.
b)         Recession.
c)          Foreign exchange.
d)         Pass book.