AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: Banking' 2015 | Class 11 Finance (Banking) Question Papers

[AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers, Banking Question Papers, Finance Question Papers, 2015]

AHSEC Class 11 finance Question Paper 2015

Class 11 Finance (Banking) Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers' 2015
Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1.       Answer as directed:                                1x8=8
(a) The banking Regulation Act was passed in the year ____. (Fill in the gap)
(b) What do you mean by Barter system?
(c) State a characteristic of inflation.
(d) RRBs were started in the year 1967 / 1975 / 1976. (Choose the correct answer)
(e) In which year Co-operative Credit System was introduced?
(f) Who is authorised to issue notes in India?
(g) Write the full form of ATM.
(h) Write the name of the Central Bank of our country.

2.       What is Savings Bank?                            2
3.       Name any two public sector banks in India. 2
4.       Give the meaning of prosperity.                       2
5.       Who is a Bank Customer?     2
6.       Write two functions of Regional Rural Banks.              2
7.       Explain the retail banking.    3
8.       Give the meaning of credit card.       3
9.       Mention three different departments of the commercial bank.                         3
10.   State briefly the difficulties of Barter System.                             3
11.   Give the meaning of Banking Ombudsman.                 3
12.   Narrate five differences between co-operative bank and commercial bank.                5
13.   Discuss the general utility functions of a bank.                            5
14.   What are the main causes of inflation?                          5
15.   Explain the principles of note issue followed by RBI.                5
16.   What precaution should be taken by a bank while opening account in the name of minor?   5
17.   Discuss the primary function and secondary function of commercial bank.    5
Write about the capital of bank.
18.   Explain the function of Central Bank as Bank of note issue.   5
What are the different types of account? Explain any two of them.          5
19.   What do you mean by trade cycle? Describe the different phases of trade cycle.           2+6=8
Discuss the evolution, origin and growth of banking in India.
20.   What is inflation? Discuss its effects on production and distribution.               2+6=8
Explain the technique of creating credit by a commercial bank.                   8
21.   What is credit control? Explain the objectives of credit control.                           2+6=8
What do you mean by internal organization of a bank? Mention six important departments of a bank.
22.   Write short notes on:                             4+4=8
(a) E-banking.

(b) Scheduled and non-scheduled banks.