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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Dibrugarh University
Syllabus for B.COM Programme
Under Directorate of Distance Education
1st Year
Total Marks: 90
Objectives: The objective of this course is to develop effective business communication skills among the learners.

Block I: Introducing Business Communication:                                   18
Basic forms of communication; Communication models and processes; Effective communication; Theories of communication; Audience analysis

Block II: Corporate Communication:                                                       18
Formal and informal communication networks; Grapevine; Miscommunication (Barriers); Improving communication.
Practice in business communication; Group discussions; Mock interviews; Seminars; Effective listening exercises; Individuals and group presentations and report writing.

Block III: Writing Skills:                                                                                                 18
Planning business messages; Rewriting and editing; The first draft; Reconstructing the final draft; Business letters and memo formats; Appearance request letters; Good news and bad news letters; Persuasive letters; Sales Letter; Collection letter; Office memorandum.

Block IV: Report Writing:                                                                             18
Introduction to proposal, short report and formal report, report preparation
Oral presentation: Principles of oral presentation, factors affecting presentation, sales presentation, training presentation, Conducting surveys, Speeches to motivate, effective presentation skills.

Block V: Non Verbal Aspects of Communication:                              18

Body language: Kinesics, Proxemics, Para language;
Effective listening: Principles of effective listening; Factor affecting presentation, Oral Written and Video sessions.
Interviewing Skills: Appearing in interviews; conducting interviews; Writing resume and letter of application
Modern Form of Communication: Fax; E-mail; Video conferencing; etc;
International Communication: Cultural sensitiveness and cultural context; Writing and Presenting in International Situations; Intercultural factors in interaction; Adapting to Global Business.
Suggested Readings:
1.       Balasubramanyum: Business Communication; Vikash Publishing House; Delhi.
2.       Badi: R. V & Aruna K: Business Communication; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
3.       Sinha A.K. : Business Communications Skills; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
4.       Bezborah; P. & Mahanta K: Business Communication; Kalyani Publishers.
5.       Payal Mehre L: Business Communication for Managers.
6.       Bovee and Thill: Business Communication Today; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
7.       Ronald E. Eyulek and John S. Fieder: Principles of Business Communication; Macmillan Publishing Company, London.

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