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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Gauhati University Question Papers: Financial Services (May-June'2018)

Paper: 404
Full Marks – 80
Time – Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Answer either in English or in Assamese.
1. Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:                       1x10=10
1)         Asset based and _______ based services constitute Financial Services.
a)         Share.
b)         Debentures.
c)          Fund.
d)         Cash.
2)         A lessor leases an equipment to a lessee who is not falling in the jurisdiction of the lessor country, then the lease is known as Cross-Border leasing.
a)         True.
b)         False.
3)         Write the full form of IRDA.
4)         In the year _______ Government of India announced the setting up of Venture Capital Fund.
a)         1976.
b)         1986.
c)          1966.
d)         1996.
5)         The corpus of the fund and its duration are prefixed under _______ funds.

a)         Close Ended Fund.
b)         Fixed Deposit Account.
c)          Open Ended Fund.
d)         Debenture certificate.
6)         For the first time _______ bank started the Merchant Banking in India.
a)         Industrial Development Bank of India.
b)         State Bank of India.
c)          Punjab National Bank.
d)         None of the above.
7)         Which one of the following is not a capital market instrument?
a)         Zero coupon bond.
b)         Certificate of deposits.
c)          Discount bond.
d)         Debenture.
8)         National Housing Bank was established in the year _______.
a)         1976.
b)         1984.
c)          1986.
d)         1988.
9)         Which of the following is not a type of mutual fund?
a)         Liquid fund.
b)         Gift fund.
c)          Index fund.
d)         Reserve fund.
10)      Which one of the following is an element of Portfolio Management?
a)         Portfolio construction.
b)         Collection of data-base of the client.
c)          Evaluation of Portfolio.
d)         All of the above.
2. What do you mean by the following terms? Answer within 30 words each.               2x5=10
1)         Financial services.
2)         Credit rating.
3)         Insurance service.
4)         Net lease.
5)         Credit card.
3. Write short notes on any four of the following in about 150 words each:                      5x4=20
1)         Functions of Financial system.
2)         Venture capital.
3)         Depository.
4)         CRISIL.
5)         Hire purchase.
6)         UTI.
4. What do you understand by “Financial System”? Discuss various components of developed financial system.                 3+7=10
Who are the suppliers of financial services? List and explain in detail.              4+6=10
5. Mention the factors for entering financial institutions into equipment leasing business as a source of long term finance.                               10
“Mutual funds provide stability to share prices, safety to investors and resources to prospective entrepreneurs.” Explain.                     10
6. What is Merchant Banking? Discuss the growth of Merchant Banking in India.               2+8=10
Give the meaning of Portfolio Management. Mention the elements of Portfolio Management.  2+8=10
7. What are the various types of Venture Capital? Explain the methods of venture capital financing in India.         4+6=10
Explain the role played by managing agents in the economic development of a country.       10

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