Environmental Studies' 2021, Assam University B.Com Question Papers, CBCS Pattern

 Assam University B.Com 2nd Sem Question Paper
TDC (CBCS) Even Semester Exam., September - 2021
Course No.: EVS – AEC – 201T
Environmental Science Question Paper 2021
Full Marks: 50
Pass Marks: 20
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


A. Answer any fifteen (15) questions:                 15x1=15

1.          Define ecosystem.

2.          Mention one objective of environmental studies.

3.          What is food chain?

4.          What are the various types of food chains?

5.          What is food web?

6.          Define trophic level.

7.          What do you mean by symbiotic nitrogen fixation?

8.          Define soil erosion.

9.          Give two examples of non-renewable energy.

10.      Define endemic species.

11.      Name two endemic species of NE India.

12.      What is PAN?

13.      Define hot spot.

14.      What is IUCN?

15.      Name two biosphere reserves of Assam.

16.      What is IPCC?

17.      Define population explosion.

18.      What organisation (NG)) organised salient valley movement?

19.      Give examples of two non-biodegradable pollutants.

20.      Give one example of common property resources.


Answer any five questions:                     5x2=10

1.          Define ecological pyramid. Mention its types.

2.          What do you mean by alpha and beta diversities?

3.          What are lentic and lotic ecosystem?

4.          Define ecological succession and mention its types.

5.          Define productivity and mention its types.

6.          Mention two major threats to biodiversity conversation.

7.          What is red data book?

8.          Define sustainable development. Who gave the concept of sustainable development?

9.          What is CITES? Name one national park of Assam.

10.      Name two wildlife sanctuaries of NE India.


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Answer any five questions:                     5x5=25

1.    Mention the scopes and importance of environmental studies. How does environmental study is related with other disciplines?                             2+3=5

2.    Write brief note on flow of energy in an ecosystem. Write the structure and function of an ecosystem.              2+3=5

3.    Write note on eutrophication. State various causes of deforestation. What is desertification?           2+2+1=5

4.    Mention various sources of non-renewable energy. What are the various steps of mining operation? What do you mean by mire safety?                     2+2+1=5

5.    Write note on levels of biodiversity. Write notes on various causes of threats and conservation of biodiversity. 2+3=5

6.    “India is one of the mega-diversity nations of the world” – Justify the state in context to richness of biodiversity in India. What is biodiversity hot spot?                                   4+1=5

7.    Define green house effect. What are various causes and consequences of green house effect? What is acid rain? 1+3+1=5

8.    What is ozone layer depletion? Mention its evil effects. What are municipal solid wastes and strategies for management municipal solid waste?                                       2+3=5

9.    Write note on Chipko movement. Mention the role of IT in environmental studies.     2+3=5

10.Define environmental ethics. What is IPR? Write various causes of urban flood. What are the various steps in management of earthquakes?                   1+1+1+2=5


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