Environmental Studies Question Paper 2022 [Assam University B.Com 2nd Sem CBCS Pattern]

 Assam University B.Com 2nd Sem Question Paper

Environmental Studies Question Paper 2022

TDC (CBCS) Even Semester Exam., 2022

FOUNDATION COURSE (For Science, Commerce, BBA and BCA)

Course No.: EVSAECC-201T (Environmental Studies)

Full Marks: 50

Pass Marks: 20

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Environmental Studies Question Paper 2022


Answer any fifteen questions:                    1x15=15

1. Who proposed the term ‘ecosystem’?

2. What is the unit of measurement of sound?

3. In which year was the Environment (Protection) Act enacted in India?

4. Write one example of renewable resource.

5. At which place did the Chipko Movement take place?

6. What is the approximate oxygen content in the air?

7. How many years ago did life begin on the earth?

8. Who proposed the term ‘ecology’?

9. Write the full form of GPP.

10. How much percentage of the earth’s surface is covered by aquatic ecosystem?

11. Who suggested the concept of biosphere?

12. In which century did the Industrial Revolution occur?

13. Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place in which year?

14. What is Swidden cultivation?

15. What is pollution?

16. What are the causes of habitat loss of biodiversity?

17. What is greenhouse effect?

18. In which year was the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act enacted?

19. In which State did Silent Valley Movement take place?

20. Who put forward the concept of ‘biodiversity hotspot’?


Answer any five questions:                          2x5=10

21. Why does flood occur?

22. Define the term ‘biodiversity’.

23. What is desertification?

24. What is non-renewable resource? Give examples.

25. Define the term in-situ conservation of biodiversity.

26. Write the main aim of Chipko Movement.

27. What are food chain and food web?

28. What are the Abiotic components of ecosystem?

29. What is ‘biogeochemical cycle’? Give an example.

30. What is solid waste management?


Answer any five questions:                          5x5=25

31. Explain the role of forests in soil conservation.

32. What is ecological pyramid? Discuss on its types.

33. Discuss about India ‘as a mega-biodiversity nation’.

34. Write a note on global warming and its effects.

35. Discuss briefly on Silent Valley Movement.

36. Give an account on the causes and control measure of floods in Northeastern India (with special reference to the Barak Valley).

37. What is environmental ethics? Write the roles of different Indian religions and cultures in environmental protection.

38. What are natural resources? Classify with examples.

39. Write notes on threats of biodiversity and man-wildlife conflict.

40. Write on the causes and effects of ozone layer depletion.

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