Macroeconomics Question Paper 2022 [Assam University Question Paper B.Com 2nd Sem CBCS Pattern]

 Assam University B.Com 2nd Sem Question Papers

Macroeconomics Question Paper 2022

TDC (CBCS) Even Semester Exam., 2022

COMMERCE (2nd Semester)

Course No.: COMGEC-201T (Macroeconomics)

Full Marks: 70

Pass Marks: 28

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Macroeconomics Question Paper 2022


Answer any ten questions:                           2x10=20

1. Define the concept of variable.

2. What do you mean by equilibrium in economics?

3. Define national income.

4. What is effective demand?

5. What is fiscal policy?

6. What is the social cost of inflation?

7. Define full employment.

8. What is meant by rational expectation?

9. What is net capital outflow?

10. Define exchange rate.

11. What is deficit balance of payments?

12. What is real investment?

13. Mention any two objectives of fiscal policy.

14. Give the meaning of foreign exchange.

15. Make a distinction between autonomous investment and induced investment.


Answer any five questions:                          10x5=50

16. Explain the circular flow of income in a two sector economy with households and business firms.

17. Write a note on static macroeconomic analysis during short period.

18. Write a note on aggregate demand and aggregate supply functions.

19. What is monetary policy? Discuss how monetary policy of a developing economy can combat inflation.

20. What are the causes of inflation? Suggest some remedial measures.

21. Discuss the different types of unemployment.

22. Write a note on interest rate differentials in case of a large economy.

23. Discuss the factors influencing rate of exchange.

24. Discuss the factors which determine business fixed investment and residential investment.

25. Explain Baumol’s Transaction Theory of money demand.

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