Managerial Economics 202' 2023 [DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper]

Managerial Economics 202' 2023 
DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper
2023(Held in 2024)(COMMERCE)
Paper: COM – 202 (
Managerial Economics)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1.(a) Discuss the nature and scope of Managerial Economics. Describe how Managerial Economics helps in business decision-making.     6+6+4=16


(b) Give the definition of business firm. Discuss the basic objectives of a business firm. Show with suitable diagram the profit maximisation theory of business firm.    3+6+7=16

2.(a) State and explain the law of demand. According to this law, prepare an imaginary market demand schedule (with two individual consumers in the market) and draw the demand curves.     6+5+5=16


(b) What is price elasticity of demand? Explain the methods of measuring it. Highlight the determinants of price elasticity of demand.      4+8+4=16

3.(a) Define demand forecasting and the objectives of it. Discuss the steps involved in demand forecasting.     8+8=16


(b) Discuss the demand estimation in case of (i) major consumer durables, (ii) non-durable consumer goods, and (iii) capital goods. Briefly discuss about the techniques of demand forecasting.     8+8=16

4.(a) Throw light upon the concept and importance of price determination. Discuss the forces of competition-oriented pricing and highlight their relative importance.    8+8=16


(b) What is price discrimination? Explain the degrees of price discrimination. Show with diagram the price-output determination under a discriminating monopoly.      3+6+7=16

5.(a) Give the definition of business cycle and point out the main features of it. Discuss different phases of business cycle.    7+9=16


(b) Define inflation and discuss about two major types of inflation. Elaborate the role of monetary and fiscal policies in controlling inflation.   8+8=16


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