Organisational Behaviour and Theory - II 201' 2023 [DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper]

 Organisational Behaviour and Theory - II 201' 2023 
DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper
2023(Held in 2024)(COMMERCE)
Paper: COM – 201 (Organisational Behaviour and Theory - II)

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours 

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) What is organisational behaviour? Write the nature and characteristics of organisation behaviour.  4+12=16


(b) What do you mean by personality? Discuss different personality theories.      4+12=16

2. (a) What is individual behaviour? Discuss different factors that affect on individual’s behaviour.   4+12=16


(b) Elucidate the management assumptions about people with reference to the theory X and theory Y. 16

3. (a) Explain the two-factor theory of motivation. What are the criticisms of the theory?  12+4=16


(b) What do you mean by leadership? Discuss different types of leadership styles.   4+12=16

4. (a) What is organisational effectiveness? What are the basic criteria for organisational effectiveness?  4+12=16


(b) Explain different approaches to measure organisational effectiveness.   16

5. Write short notes on: (any two)    8x2=16

(a) Behavioural analysis.

(b) Expectancy model of inactivation.

(c) Organisational climate.

(d) Managerial effectiveness.


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