Strategic Management - I 204' 2023 [DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper]

Strategic Management - I 204' 2023
DODLDU MCOM 2ND SEM Question Paper
2023(Held in 2024)(COMMERCE)
Paper: COM – 204 (Strategic Management - I)

Full Marks: 80
Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Explain the salient features of strategic management.                10


(b) Discuss the merits and demerits of strategic management.

2. (a) Discuss the relevance of strategic management practices for an organisation.            10


(b) Write a note on strategic management practices in Indian organisations.

3. (a) What is organisation environment? Explain the role of organisation environment in strategic management. 3+12=15


(b) Discuss various dimensions of organisation environment with reference to FMCG companies.          15

4. (a) What are internal and external organisation environments? Distinguish between external and internal organisation environments.         4+11=15


(b) What is technological environment? How does technological environment influence in strategic management of an organisation?                  3+12=15

5. (a) What is strategic management model? Discuss the economic model of strategic analysis.            3+12=15


(b) Explain the role of strategic analysis in strategic management.          15

6. (a) What do you mean by strategic analysis? What are the major components and steps of strategic analysis?  3+12=15


(b) What do you mean by red and blue ocean strategies? Distinguish between red and blue ocean strategies. Give some examples.                4+8+3=15


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