Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Marketing Management (Nov - Dec' 2009)

2009 (November – December)

Paper: 202

Full Marks: 80

Time: 3 Hours

1. (a) analysis the significance of Marketing Management. Discuss the various components of marketing mix.     6+10=16


(b) ‘’marketing planning and control can be considered as the never-centre of marketing management’’. Discuss.                            16

2. (a) explain the motives of consumers. Why consumer react differently with different products? Explain with examples.        8+8


(b) Critically evaluate the different marketing research methods.             16

3. (a) Elaborate the process of new product development with an example.                        16


(b) Explain the importance of pricing in Marketing. Analyze the price setting mechanism.                               16

4. (a) What are the features of Marketing channel? Do you think that these functions  are absolute for marketing success? Justify your answer.                                        16


(b) Analyze the futures of advertising in Indian Marketing context.                          16

5. (a) Define Marketing Environment. Discuss the various components of Market Environment.      16


(b) Discuss the various components of social and international marketing.                                                      16

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