Marketing Management Question Paper Mar-April 2022, Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year (Distance) - Last Exam

Marketing Management Question Paper 2022
Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year Distance (DODL)
Paper: 202 (Marketing Management)
Full Marks – 80
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Discuss about Marketing Management tasks in Modern Marketing.               16


(b) Define Market and Marketing. Explain the role of third ‘P’ in Marketing.           4+4+8=16

2. (a) What do you mean by consumer buying behaviour? Discuss in details about the consumer buying process. 4+12=16


(b) What are the components of MIS? Write the scope of Marketing Research.    8+8=16

3. (a) Write the concepts of Product Mix, Product Line and Product Items. What are the reasons behind the changes of Product Mix?                     3+3+3+7=16


(b) What do you mean by Price and Pricing? Discuss the factors affecting pricing decisions in Marketing.       4+12=16

4. (a) What is Promotion Mix? Distinguish between Advertising and Personal Selling.         4+12=16


(b) What are the components of physical distribution? Write in details about the appropriate marketing channels of products like –

(1) Health care services.

(2) Physical things or objects.

(3) Education (knowledge and skill) and

(4) Financial services.           8+2+2+2+2=16

5. Write briefly on any two of the following:         8x2=16

(a) Branding.

(b) Market Logistics.

(c) Consumerism.

(d) Consumer Adoption.

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