Marketing Management Question Paper Nov-Dec 2016, Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year (Distance)

Marketing Management Question Paper Nov-Dec 2016

Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year (Distance) 
Paper: 202 (Marketing Management)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. (a) Analyze the significance of Marketing Management. Discuss the various components of Marketing Mix.      6+10=16
(b) “Marketing Planning and Control can be considered as the nerve-centre of marketing management.” – Elucidate.    16

2. (a) Explain the motives of consumer. Why consumer reacts differently with different products? – Explain with examples.      8+8=16
(b) What is Marketing Information System? Discuss the need for an orderly ongoing Marketing Information System. 8+8=16

3. (a) What is Product Line? How does it differ from “Product Mix”? Discuss with suitable examples, the job of Product (Line) Manager.                                4+6+6=16
(b) Explain the importance of Pricing in Marketing. Analyze the price setting mechanism.  16

4. (a) What are the functions of Marketing Channel? Do you think that these functions are absolute for marketing success?                                                16
(b) Critically evaluate the marketing and social aspects of promotion. Should it be controlled by law? 10+6=16

5. Write brief notes on any four of the following:    4x4=16
a)            Basis of Market Segmentation.
b)            Market Environment.
c)             Mass Marketing.
d)            International Marketing.
e)            Social Marketing.
f)             Relationship Marketing.
g)            E-marketing.

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