Marketing Management Question Paper Nov-Dec 2014, Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year (Distance)

Marketing Management Question Paper Nov-Dec 2014
Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year (Distance) 
Paper – 202 ( Marketing Management )
Full Marks : 80
Time – 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
1. (a) Enumerate the marketing functions and describe those functions.               16
(b) What is marketing-mix? Comment in brief upon its ingredients on inputs.      6+10=16

2. (a) What is meant by Consumer behaviour? What are the unusual steps of the buyer process?  6+10=16
(b) Evaluate the role, scope and importance of marketing information system.                  16

3. (a) Discuss the stages in the Product Life Cycle. What is significance of product life cycle in product planning the development?                  10+6=16
(b) Evaluate the importance of pricing in a marketing programme. What are the typical pricing objectives?  8+8=16

4. (a) Comment on the role of distribution channels in marketing and distribution.            16
(b) How promotion influences demand? What are the three basic purposes of Promotion.   8+8=16

5. (a) Why it is necessary to scan marketing environment? What are the controllable and uncontrollable variables in marketing environment?       6+10=16
(b) Write short notes on the following :                                 5+5+6=16
a.       Social marketing versus service marketing.
b.      Mass marketing versus Relationship marketing.
c.       International marketing.

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