Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Marketing Management (Nov - Dec' 2013)

2013 (November – December)

Paper: 202

Full Marks: 80

Time: 3 Hours

1. (a) Discuss about the Task and Philosophies of Marketing Managements.                                        16


(b) Discuss about the functions of Marketing.                                     16

2. (a) Discuss the steps involved in Consumer Decision making Process.   


(b) What is marketing information system? Discuss the features of Marketing Information System.                         4+12

3. (a) Highlight the various issues involved in physical distribution decision.                           16


(b) Discuss the importance of communication process  in promotion decision.                           16

4.  Discuss the steps involved in new product development.                                        16


(b) List the determinants of Pricing Decisions; and explain any one of with suitable example.              8+8

5. (a) discuss the necessity and bases of appropriate market segmentation.                                             16


(b) write short notes on:                 5+5+6=16
(i) Mass marketing
(ii) relationship marketing

(iii) e-Marketing.

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