Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2016, Dibrugaru University B.Com 6th Sem CBCS & Non-CBCS Pattern

Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2016
COMMERCE (Speciality)
Courses: 602 (Advertising and Sales Promotion)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1.       Choose the correct option of the following:                 1x8=8
(a)    Sales promotion is an integral part of
(1)    Marketing mix.
(2)    Promotional mix.
(b)   Sales promotion activities designed for the channels of distribution are
(1)    Push strategy.
(2)    Pull Strategy.
(c)    Cinema is an ____ media.
(1)    Outdoor.
(2)    Indoor.
(d)   Layout of display is
(1)    Planning of sales display.
(2)    Execution of sales display.
(e)   Advertising is a paid form of
(1)    Non-personal presentation.
(2)    Personal presentation.
(f)     Explicit communication is in the nature of ____ communication.
(1)    Non-verbal.
(2)    Verbal.
(g)    The objective of pull strategy is to motivate
(1)    Consumers.
(2)    Wholesalers.
(h)   Business-to-business advertising is to promote
(1)    Non-consumer goods.
(2)    Consumer goods.
2.       (a) What is meant by ‘Marketing Communication’? Explain the basic elements of marketing communication process. 3+8=11
(b) Describe the different steps involved in advertising, planning and decision making process for marketing of a new product.                               11
3.       (a) Define the term advertising. Explain the different types of advertising in brief.    2+9=11
(b) Explain precisely the benefits of advertisement to different groups of society.            11
4.       (a) Discuss the different types of advertising media highlighting its advantages and disadvantages. 11
(b) Discuss in brief the principal elements which a ‘Good Copy’ of advertising should bear.           11
5.       (a) Design an organization structure of an advertising agency and explain its functions.    3+8=11
(b) What do you mean by sales promotion? Explain the nature and functions of sales promotion.    2+4+5=11
6.       Distinguish between any two of the following:                           6x2=12
(a)    Advertising and Sales Promotion.
(b)   Sales contest and Sales display.
(c)    Advertising and Marketing mix.
(d)   Primary and secondary demand advertising.
7.       Write short notes on any four of the following:                          4x4=16
(a)    Counter display.
(b)   Advertising appeal.
(c)    Target Market.
(d)   Sales Contest.
(e)   Premium plan.
(f)     Demonstration.