Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2019, Dibrugaru University B.Com 6th Sem CBCS & Non-CBCS Pattern

Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2019
COMMERCE (Speciality)
Courses: 602 (Advertising and Sales Promotion)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following as directed:              1x8=8
a)      Advertising is
                  iii.None of the above       (Choose the correct option)
b)      Advertising started in
                  iii.Egypt      (Choose the correct option)
c)       Drug addiction advertising is
                   ii.Public service
                  iii.Emotional        (Choose the correct option)
d)      Media scheduling is not required in media planning.              (Write True or False)
e)      The success of an advertisement to a great extent depends upon advertising appeal.    (Write True or False)
f)       “Smoking is injurious to health” is a positive appeal.         (Write True or False)
g)      In order to have an effective media plan, media testing is
                  iii.Wastage of time
                 iv.None of the above              (Choose the correct option)
h)      Financial advertising is conducted by
                     i.Business institutions
                   ii.Financial institutions
                  iii.Commercial institutions        (Choose the correct option)
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:           4x4=16
a)      Benefits of advertisement
b)      Truth in advertising
c)       Product advertising
d)      Advertising language
e)      Demonstration
f)       Window dressing
3. (a) Define the term ‘advertising’. Explain the different types of advertisement.           2+12=14
(b) Discuss the various legal provisions of advertisement to be followed by an advertising agency.            14
4. (a) What is mean by media planning? What steps are involved in media planning? Explain them.   4+10=14
(b) Explain the different factors affecting in the process of selection of an advertising media.             14
5. (a) What is an advertising appeal? Explain the principles of effective advertising appeals.             4+10=14
(b) What are the basic elements of an advertising copy? Explain.           14
6. (a) What meant by an advertising agency? Discuss the various functions of advertising agency.        4+10=14
(b) Explain the different factors required to be considered at the time of selection of an advertising agency.       14
(Old Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. Write True or False:             1x8=8
a)      Advertising helps in eliminating the middleman.
b)      Commercial advertising is concerned with increasing goodwill of commercial enterprise.
c)       Newspaper advertising is a waste where masses are illiterate.
d)      Advertising copy has no sentimental value.
e)      Media scheduling is not required I media planning.
f)       Sales promotion is an integral part of promotional mix.
g)      Advertising agency is a team of professionals to perform the tasks of advertising.
h)      Personal selling is the art of persuading people to purchase goods which gives lasting satisfaction.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:         4x4=16
a)      Barriers of communication
b)      Public service advertising
c)       Advertisement message
d)      In-house agency
e)      Consumers’ sales promotion
3. (a) What is meant by “Marketing Communication”? Explain the basic elements of marketing communication.  3+8=11
(b) Describe the different steps involved in advertising planning for marketing a product.         11
4. (a) Discuss the different types of advertisement.              11
(b) “Money spent on advertising is wasteful.” Do you agree? Give reasons.          11
5. (a) What is advertising copy? Discuss in brief, the principal elements which a ‘good copy’ of advertising should bear.    2+10=12
(b) What is advertising media? Explain the merits and demerits of indoor advertising media.      2+10=12
6. (a) Explain the different roles of an advertising agency to promote a new product.          11
(b) What do you mean by an advertising agency? Explain the different functions to be performed towards their clients.  3+8=11
7. (a) State the different types of sales promotion.           4+7=11
(b) What is sales promotion? Explain the nature and functions of sales promotion.              3+4+4=11

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