Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2018, Dibrugaru University B.Com 6th Sem CBCS & Non-CBCS Pattern

Advertising and Sales Promotion Question Paper May' 2018
COMMERCE (Speciality)
Courses: 602 (Advertising and Sales Promotion)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following as directed:       1x6=6
a)      What is an ambient medium?
                                 i.A new medium
                               ii.Real-estate magazine
                              iii.Weather-related news
                             iv.None of the above          (Choose the correct option)
b)      The extent to which an organization fulfils a customer’s needs, desires and expectations is
                                 i.Customer satisfaction
                               ii.Good manufacturing practices
                              iii.Job satisfaction
                             iv.All of the above     (Choose the correct option)
c)       Promotion mix includes sales promotion, personal selling, advertising and ______.    (Fill in the blank)
d)      Newspaper advertising is a waste where masses are illiterate.        (Write True or False)
e)      At outdoor advertising, which has longer life span?
                               ii.Painted posters
                              iii.Balloons      (Choose the correct option)
f)       Component parts have two markets, one is original equipment manufacturer and the other is
                                 i.Retail market
                               ii.Consumer market
                              iii.None of the above         (Choose the correct option)
2. (a) Discuss the major internal and external factors involve in advertising planning and decision-making.       11
(b) Discuss the different ethical aspects of advertisement and how untrustworthy advertisement can be controlled.  11
3. (a) What factors would you consider while selecting an appropriate medium for advertising? Explain in detail.     11
(b) Mention the various advertising media and discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages.   11
4. (a) What are the various elements of a copy? Give guidelines for the presentation of headlines in a copy. Explain the steps in copy development process.                4+8=12
(b) Explain precisely the advantages of advertising to different group of society.      12
5. Write short notes on any four of the following:          4x4=16
a)      Indoor advertising media
b)      Buying motives
c)       Target market
d)      Advertisement message
e)      Public service advertising
f)       Sales display
g)      Ethical aspects of advertisement
6. (a) What is an advertising appeal and how will you classify them? Describe the essentials of advertising appeal.      4+8=12
(b) What role does advertising play in the economic development of a country? Enlist the benefits of advertising.  12
7. (a) What do you understand by the term ‘Direct Mail’ advertising? What factors would you consider while selecting an appropriate medium for advertising?       2+10=12
(b) Explain the economic and social perspectives of advertising.       12
(Old Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. Answer the following as directed:    1x8=8
a)      When the manufacturer and retailer share the cost of advertisement it is called
                     i.Cobranded advertising
                   ii.Cooperative advertising
                  iii.Co sharing advertising
                 iv.None of the above               (Choose the correct option)
b)      Product and marketing are both fundamental economic activities.          (Write True or False)
c)       Window display is a type of promotional advertising.    (Write True or False)
d)      Advertising copy has no sentimental value.           (Write True or False)
e)      Advertising supplements selling activities.                 (Write True or False)
f)       “If you buy from me, I will buy from you.” This concept is
                   ii.Imbalance of power
                  iii.Business to business               (Choose the correct option)
g)      When performance falls short of expectation, it is up to the marketing manager
                     i.To take corrective action
                   ii.To immediately change marketing plan and implementing it
                  iii.All of the above                 (Choose the correct option)
h)      Emotional appeal may be positive or negative.          (Write True or False)
2. (a) Which methods of advertising will you recommended for an existing popular product and why? Give reason.          10
(b) Explain the benefits of advertising to manufacturers, customers and community.            10
3. (a) What do you understand by sales promotion? Discuss its importance and objectives.        10
(b) Explain the various factors that influence the sales promotional activities.        10
4. (a) Discuss in detail the different traditional and non-traditional types of advertisements. Give your opinion regarding the most effective types of advertisement.           8+4=12
(b) Discuss the different legal and ethical aspects of advertisement in India.     12
5. Write short notes on any four of the following:                 4x4=16
a)      Advertising appeal
b)      Vertical cooperative advertising
c)       Sales contest
d)      Sales promotion aids
e)      Media research
f)       Advertising budget
g)      Content of message
6. (a) Define advertisement. What activities have been specifically excluded from advertisement? Explain the objectives of advertising.           12
(b) Define advertisement as a mass communication. Discuss the economic aspect of advertisement.        12
7. (a) What is an advertising agency? Why these is there need to employ advertising agency? Explain the features of an advertising agency.          2+2+8=12
(b) Discuss in detail about the various types of advertising agency. Also mention the fundamentals/basic criteria of selecting an appropriate advertising agency.         8+4=12

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