Consumer Behaviour Question Paper 2018, Dibrugarh University B.Com 5th Sem Non CBCS Pattern

 Dibrugarh University B. Com 5th Sem Question Papers Non CBCS Pattern

2018 (May)

COMMERCE (Speciality)

Course: 404 (Consumer Behaviour)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
1. State whether the following statements are True or False:                                  1x8=8

a)         Family income is a sociological determinant of consumer behaviour.
b)         The Howard Seth model specifies that cause relationships between variables and provide specification for better measurement of variable relationships.
c)          Frustration is a kind of non-monetary costs.
d)         Presentation is the first stage in the information search process.
e)         Social class creates status.
f)          Primary group in consumer behaviour is characterized by face to face association and cooperation.
g)         ‘SRI International’ developed ‘VALS’ in 1979.
h)         Perceived success and failure affect self-concept.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                                  4x4=16
a)         Psychological determinants of consumer behaviour.
b)         Motivation vs. Satisfaction.
c)          Opinion leaders.
d)         Types of reference group.
e)         Self-concept.
3. (a) What do you mean by consumer behaviour? Explain the importance of understanding consumer behaviour. 4+10=14
(b) Discuss the major factors that influence consumer behaviour.                14
4. (a) Discuss the objectives and importance of consumer motivation.              7+7=14
(b) “Marketers do not create needs, needs pre-exist marketers”. Discuss.                                     14
5. (a) Explain how culture and sub-culture influence the behaviour of consumers.          14
(b) What do you mean by social-cultural factors of consumer behaviour? Discuss the different socio-cultural factors of consumer behaviour.             4+10=14
6. (a) “Lifestyle is the result of such forces as culture, values, resources, symbols, license and sanction.”. Explain the statement.        14
(b) Explain with example how attitude affects consumer behaviour.                14
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. State whether the following statements are True or False:          1x8=8
a)         Consumption behaviour is micro in nature.
b)         Consumer behaviour is normally repetitive in nature.
c)          Normal decision making is also known as habitual decision making.
d)         Conclusive research is also known ‘problem solving research’.
e)         Language is one of the elements of reference groups.
f)          Social classes are homogeneous in character.
g)         Intrapsychic theory is one of the theories of perception.
h)         Cognitive dissonance is one of the barriers of self-concept.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:         4x4=16
a)         Types of consumer decisions.
b)         Consumer needs.
c)          Reference groups.
d)         Life cycle stages.
e)         Types of Organizational Buying Decision.
3. (a) What do you mean by consumer decision making? Explain the consumer decision making process.    4+7=11
(b) What is consumer behaviour? Why is it critically important for marketers to understand consumers?            4+7=11
4. (a) Explain the scope of Consumer Research.                         11
(b) “Alternative evaluation and external information search often occur simultaneously.” Do you agree with the statement? Explain.                                                        11
5. (a) Define culture. Explain its characteristics.               3+8=11
(b) What do you understand by Opinion Leaders? Discuss its characteristics.    3+8=11
6. (a) Explain the determinants of personality.                 11
(b) Discuss the concept of value and lifestyle (VALS).      11
7. (a) Write a comprehensive note on consumer audit.             12
(b) Define organization buying behaviour. Explain the factors affecting organization buying behaviour.          3+9=12


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