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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Marketing Management (Nov-Dec’ 2016)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Answer the following as directed:                                                              1x10=10

1)         Television is an example of:
a)         Emergency goods.
b)         Convenience goods.
c)          Speciality goods.
d)         Impulse goods.
2)         Which of the following is not included in psychographic segmentation of markets?
a)         Personality.
b)         Life style.
c)          Attitude.
d)         Culture.
3)         Which one of the following is related to micro-environmental forces?
a)         Demographic.
b)         Marketing intermediaries.
c)          Economic.
d)         Socio-cultural.
4)         Which one of the following is not a component of product planning?
a)         Product innovation.
b)         Product diversification.
c)          Product standardization.
d)         Product branding.
5)         Which one of the following is included in sales promotion?
a)         Personal selling.
b)         Exhibition.
c)          Advertising.
d)         Publicity.
6)         The first step in new product development is _______. (fill in the blank)
7)         The three types of vertically integrated channels of distribution are administered, contractual and _______. (Fill in the blank).
8)         Under _______ pricing policy, a very high price is set for a new product initially and gradually the price reduced as competitors enter the market. (Fill in the blank)
9)         The psychological factors influencing consumer behaviour are motivation, perception, learning, attitude and _______. (Fill in the blank)
10)      A company that attaches the same brand name to all of its products is called _______ brand. (Fill in the blank)
2. Answer the following questions very briefly:                                            2x5=10
a)         What do you mean by marketing environment?
b)         What is demand forecasting?
c)          What is product diversification?
d)         What are the different types of distribution policies?
e)         What is product branding?
3. Answer any four of the following questions briefly:                               5x4=20
1)         Describe the various forces of marketing environment.
2)         Discuss the significance of the study of consumer behaviour.
3)         What is product line policy? State the various decisions of product line policy.
4)         Describe the role of channels of distribution.
5)         Explain the various factors affecting choice of channels of distribution.
6)         Discuss the various methods of measuring advertising effectiveness.
4. What is marketing mix? Discuss the seven P’s framework of marketing mix.             10
Explain the modern concepts of marketing. Distinguish between marketing and selling.
5. What is market segmentation? Describe the different bases used for market segmentation.    10
What is sales forecasting? Discuss the various factors influencing sales forecasting.
6. What is product life cycle? Describe the different stages of product life cycle.          10
What is new product development? Explain the various steps involved in new product development process.
7. What is pricing? Discuss the factors influencing product pricing decisions.           10
Distinguish between ‘sales promotion’ and ‘advertising’. Describe the various methods of sales promotion.


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