Gauhati University Question Papers: Marketing Management (Nov-Dec’ 2014)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Answer the following as directed:                                                           1x10=10
Choose the correct answer from the following options:
a)         Which of these is not included in demographic segmentation of markets?
1)         Gender.
2)         Age.
3)         Education.
4)         Cultures.
b)         “The heterogeneity across customer experiences is due to people component of services”. This related to which feature of services?
1)         Intangibility.
2)         Perishability.
3)         Inseparability.
4)         Variability.
c)          The strategic use of a brands’ equity in which the marketer leverages the brand’s good name to buy something new is _______
1)         Co-branding.
2)         Brand-extension.
3)         Line extension.
4)         Product extension.
d)         From of testing markets and getting customer feedback of promising ideas is called _______.
1)         Idea generator.
2)         Concept testing.
3)         Product testing.
4)         Test marketing.
e)         Fast food outlets like McDonalds are an example of which marketing technique?
1)         Product franchising.
2)         Business-format franchising.
3)         E-Commerce.
4)         Relating.
f)          Which of these is not an advertising goal?
1)         Attention.
2)         Desire.
3)         Adoption.
4)         Action.
g)         A company that attaches the same brand name to all of its products is called _______ approach. (Fill in the blank)
h)         Consumers who has a goal-oriented lifestyle and for whom image is very important are segmented in the category. (Innovators/Achievers). (Strike off the wrong options)
i)           In product development process forecasting stage proceeds commercialization and launch of product. (State true or false)
j)           Pricing can be used to shape a brand’s positioning and can attract or repeal different segments through price discrimination techniques. (State True or False)
2. Answer the following questions briefly: (any five)                                             5x4=20
1)         Distinguish between intangibility of a service and its inseparability.
2)         What is geographic segmentation of market?
3)         What is packaging?
4)         Write what do you know about celebrity endorsement?
5)         Define marketing framework.
6)         Write down what do you know about promotion mix.
3. What are the constituents of marketing environment? Discuss.                     10
Discuss the functions of marketing.                                                                        10
4. Explain the different methods of market segmentation with suitable examples.                      10
What are the various factors that influence consumer behaviour? Explain.                       10
5. Explain the different methods of market segmentation with suitable examples.                      10
What are the various factors that influence consumer behaviour? Explain.               10
6. Describe about the different distribution channel formats and bring out the factors that affect them.                5+5=10
What are the alternative and new additions to conventional distribution channels? Discuss their effectiveness and weaknesses.                                                                         6+4=10
7. Differentiate between product promotion and advertising. Also write what do you know about promotion mix? 4+6=10
Highlight the importance of advertising. In this context explain how marketing goals are met with advertising campaigns. 4+6=10


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