Human Resource Development (HRD) | 2016 November| Dibrugarh University Question Papers | B.Com 5th Sem (Speciality)

 2016 (November)
COMMERCE (Speciality)
Course: 504 (Human Resource Development)
(New Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Write True or False:        1x5=5

a)         HRD develops capabilities and competencies only at the individual level. (Write True or False) 1

b)         In an organisation, HRD systems should facilitate participative/non-participative decision making. (Choose the correct one)  1

c)          Write the full form of HRIS. 1

d)         A _________may involve a promotion or demotion or no change at all in status and responsibility. (Fill in the blank)             1

e)         State two objectives of employee training.                2

f)          HRD culture is an integral part of _________ culture. (Fill in the blank)         1

2. Write short notes on any four of the following: 5x4=20

a)         HRD audit.

b)         HRD structure.

c)          Industrial relations.

d)         Human Resource Planning.

e)         Changing role of HRD.

f)          Steps involved in the training process.

3. (a) Explain the need and importance of HRD in an industrial enterprise.             7+7=14


(b) Discuss the role of an HRD manager for managing people in an organization.                            14

4. (a) What do you mean by ‘HRD culture’ and ‘HRD climate’? Discuss the effects of HRD culture and climate on employee performance. 2+2+10=14


(b) Explain the role of line managers in introducing HRD system in a large industrial organisation. 14

5. (a) Describe the state of HRD in Indian industries. 14


(b) Discuss the objectives of Strategic HRD.     14

6. (a) Explain the various methods of training.    14


(b) What is ‘executive development’? Discuss its importance in the context of Indian environment.    4+10=14

(Old Course)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

1. Answer the following questions as directed:

a)         Human Resource Development (HRD) is an interdisciplinary concept. (Write True or False)                 1

b)         Write the full form of TQM.                               1

c)          Mention two functions of line managers in HRD system.                     2

d)         A _________ worker learns better than an unmotivated one. (Fill in the blank)                       1

e)         All HRD oriented organisations regard training as a/an _________ activity. (Fill in the blank)              1

f)          In all HRD oriented organisations, promotion decisions are based on suitability of the promote rather than on favoritism. (Write True or False)

g)         Organisation development (OD) is a planned long-term/short-term effort. (Choose the correct one)            1

2. Write short notes on any four of the following: 4x4=16

a)         Objectives of HRD.

b)         HRD structure.

c)          Organisational effectiveness.

d)         Learning process.

e)         Training needs.

f)          Strategic HRD.

3. (a) What do you mean by HRD? Discuss its importance in the present industrial scenario. 3+8=11


(b) Describe the functions of an HRD manager. 11

4. (a) Give an account of HRD audit.                         11


(b) What is HRD climate? Why is a favourable HRD climate important for success of HRD in an organisation?      3+8=11

5. (a) Give your suggestions to make HRD effective in Indian organisations.                          11


(b) Explain briefly the principles of strategic HRD.                          11

6. (a) Describe the important methods of training.                           11


(b) What is ‘executive development’? State its importance in the context of Indian conditions.  3+8=11

7. (a) Distinguish between:                          6+6=12

1)         Training and Education.

2)         Training and Learning.


(b) Write an explanatory note on ‘Career Planning and Development’.                               12


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