2021 Business Law Question Paper, Assam University Question Paper, B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern

  Assam University B.Com 1st Sem Question Papers
TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam., 2021
COMMERCE (1ST Semester)
Course No.: COMHCC – 102T
(Business Law)

Full Marks: 70

Pass Marks: 28

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

Answer all questions


1. Answer any ten questions of the following:    2x10=20

(a)       What is counteroffer?

(b)       Define undue influence.

(c)        What do you mean by fraud?

(d)       Define void agreement.

(e)       Who is surety?

(f)         Who is a del credere agent?

(g)       Define contingent goods.

(h)       What is meant by symbolic delivery?

(i)         Define partnership.

(j)         What is insolvency of a partner?

(k)       Define designated partner.

(l)         Mention any two disadvantages of limited liability partnership.

(m)     Who is an unpaid seller?

(n)       Mention any two points of distinction between sale and hire purchase agreement.

(o)       What is gratuitous bailment?

(p)       Who is a principal debtor?

(q)       What do you understand by general crossing of cheques?

(r)        What is negotiable instrument?

(s)        What is blank endorsement?

(t)        What do you mean by protesting?


Answer any five of the following questions:      10x5=50

2. Discuss the essential elements of a valid contract.

3. Discuss the different modes of discharge of contract.

4. Distinguish between a contract of guarantee and a contract of indemnity.

5. Distinguish between pledge and bailment.

6. Distinguish between sale and agreement to sell.

7. Discuss the rights of an unpaid seller.

8. Explain the rights and duties of partners.

9. Briefly discuss the procedure of registration of limited liability partnership.

10. Distinguish between a bill of exchange and a promissory note.

11. Who is holder in due course? Examine the privileges of a holder in due course.


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