2019 Business Organization and Management, Assam University Question Paper, B.Com 1st Sem CBCS Pattern

   Assam University B.Com 1st Sem Question Papers
TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam. 2019
COMMERCE (1ST Semester)
Course No.: COMDSC – 103T
(Business Organization and Management)

Full Marks: 70

Pass Marks: 28

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


Answer any twenty of the following as directed:                  1x20=20

1.    Give an example of synthetic industry.

2.    Mention one difference between service and good.

3.    What is the investment limit of medium manufacturing enterprises as per MSMED Act, 2006?

4.    Liberalisation is the process of freeing the economy from Licensing/Franchising system. (Choose the correct answer)

5.    Mention one problem faced by small and medium business in India.

6.    Ethics refers to code of conduct for business. (Write True or False)

7.    What is the full form of BPO?

8.    When was ‘Make in India’ project launched?

9.    Who is Karta in Joint Hindu Family?

10.Mention one difference between partnership and sole proprietorship.

11.What is the minimum number of directors in a public company as per Companies Act, 2013?

12.What is the primary object of a cooperative society?

13.A partner who does not take part in the working of the concern is called Nominal partner/Sleeping partner. (Choose the correct answer)

14.Mention one characteristic of a public enterprise.

15.The liability of a sole proprietor is limited only up to his investment in business. (Write True or False)

16.What is meant by ‘one person company’ under the Companies Act, 2013?

17.Mention one of the features of management.

18.Which function of management determines the course of action?

19.Decision making process involves selection any alternative. (Write True or False)

20.What is departmentation?

21.Mention one feature of policy.

22.Mention one benefit of formal organization.

23.When management does not want to change the present strategy, it is called Stability strategy/Integrated strategy. (Choose the correct answer)

24.Line organization represents Horizontal/Vertical relationship. (Choose the correct answer)

25.What is motivation?

26.Write one benefit of autocratic leadership style.

27.Name one of the motivational factors identified by Herzberg in his motivation hygiene theory.

28.A free rein leader leaves decision-making process to Total Management/Subordinates. (Choose the correct answer)

29.What is formal communication?

30.Hygiene factors do not motivate employees by their presence but their absences dissatisfy them. (Write True or False)

31.Name one of the barriers to communication.

32.Mention one of the characteristics of control.

33.Mention one advantage of marketing.

34.Pricing strategy where a very high price is set initially to squeeze out as much profit as possible is called Penetrating Pricing/Skimming Pricing. (Choose the correct answer)

35.What is the main objective of financial management?

36.Mention one of the features of preference share.

37.Write one purpose of SEBI Act.

38.Mention one of the functions of Human Resource Management.

39.SEBI cannot prevent ‘inside trading’ in securities. (Write True or False)

40.HRD approach recognises employees as greatest asset of organization/A factor of production. (Choose the correct answer)

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Answer any five of the following questions:                          2x5=10

41.  What are the objectives of National Policy on Skill Development?

42.  What do you mean by e-commerce?

43.  What is meant by multinational corporations?

44.  What is cooperative society?

45.  What is meant by delegation of authority?

46.  Mention the importance of teams.

47.  What is meant by communication?

48.  Write a short note on democratic leadership style.

49.  Distinguish between marketing and selling.

50.  Define financial management.

Answer any five of the following questions:

51.  Discuss the positive and negative impacts of globalization on Indian business.

52.  Discuss the responsibilities of business towards different sections of society.

53.  What do you mean by Joint Stock Company? Describe the characteristics of a joint stock company. 2+6=8

54.  Define public enterprise. Describe the rationale of public enterprises.        2+6=8

55.  Mention the characteristics of a good plan. “Planning is one of the crucial functions of management”. Discuss. 2+6=8

56.  Elaborately discuss the process of decision making.

57.  Define leadership. Discuss the trait theory of leadership.       2+6=8

58.  What do you mean by control? Discuss the process of control in a modern business concern.                        2+6=8

59.  What do you mean by financing decision? Discuss the factors affecting financing decision of a firm.    2+6=8

60.  What do you mean by marketing management? Explain its important functions.     2+6=8


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