Political Science Question Paper 2017, AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus Question Papers

Political Science Question Paper 2017
AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
PART – A: (Contemporary World Politics)

1. Answer the following as directed:                                        1x6=6

  1. Write the full form of NIEO.
  2. What do you mean by Unipolar World?
  3. Rio summit approved a developmental programme name an ‘Agenda – 21’. (Write ‘yes’ or ‘no’)
  4. In which year did India start its economic reform?
  5. There are ____ numbers of permanent members in the Security Council of UNO. (Fill in the blank)
  6. Which among the following is NOT an outcome of the disintegration of Soviet Union?
  1. End of the ideological war between USA and Soviet Union.
  2. Birth of CIS.
  3. Change in the balance of power in the world order.
  4. Crisis in the Middle East.
2. Write two differences between migrants and refugees. 2
3. In which year the World Bank was created? Mention any one activity of World Bank. 1+1=2
4. When and where was the first NAM summit held? 1+1=2
5. In which year was Kyoto Protocol signed? The Protocol dealt with which problem of the environment? 1+1=2
6. What are the two military alliances signed by the USA and Soviet Union with their respective friendly countries during Cold War? 1+1=2
7. Mention two major areas of influence of European Union. 2
8. What is common but differentiated responsibility? Discuss briefly. 4
9. Why did big powers need to have alliance with smaller countries? Write four reasons. 4
10. Discuss briefly about restructuring and the future of the United Nations Organization. 4
11. Discuss briefly about the recent relationship between India and Pakistan. 4
12. What is the relationship between human security and health? Discuss. 4
13. What is ASEAN? Discuss the three pillars of ASEAN. 1+5=6
Discuss the role and limitations of SAARC as a forum of regional cooperation. 4+2=6
14. Why did Soviet Union disintegrate? Discuss elaborately. 6
Discuss US hegemony as hard power. Do you think that US hegemony is good for the World? Give justification. 4+2=6
PART – B (Politics in India since Independence)
15. Answer the following as directed: 1x6=6
  1. Panchsheel principle was jointly declared by Indian Prime Minister ____ and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. (Fill in the blank).
  2. In which year era of coalition government started in centre?
  3. In which state Navnirman Movement took place?
  4. In the first General Election of 1952, election was held simultaneously for Lok Sabha and ____. (President/State Legislative Assembly/Rajya Sabha/Prime Minister). (Choose the correct one)
  5. Write one feature of New Economic Policy of India.
  6. At present which institution has replaced Planning Commission in India?
16. What is Narmada Bachao Movement? Who was the leader of this movement? 1+1=2
17. When was the State Reorganization Act passed? Name any one state created under this Act. 1+1=2
18. Who introduced Twenty Point Programme in India? Why was it introduced? 1+1=2
19. Write two causes of the emergence of communalism in India. 2
20. Write two reasons responsible for growing importance of regional political parties in Indian Politics. 2
21. When was Election Commission in India formed? Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India? 1+1=2
22. Discuss briefly the result of Green Revolution in India. 4
23. Do you think that anti-arrack movement is a women movement? Justify your answer. 4
24. Discuss briefly about the initiatives taken by Janata Government. 4
25. What were the consequences of fourth General Election of 1967? Discuss briefly. 4
26. Mention any four regional political parties of India. 4
27. How far planning is relevant in the era of globalization? Discuss. 6
Discuss the main controversies around planned development in early years of India’s independence. 3+3=6
28. Discuss the regional movements of North East India. What are the reasons of these movements in this area 4+2=6
Discuss elaborately about the Kashmir problem. 6