Political Science Question Paper 2020, AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus Question Papers

Political Science Question Paper 2020
AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
PART – A: (Contemporary World Politics)

1. (a) Write the full form of NATO.           1

(b) _______ initiated the reforms in Soviet Union in 1985. (Fill in the blank)       1

(c) In which year Iraq invaded Kuwait?                1

(d) Which event does ‘9/11’ refer to in the context of Contemporary World Politics?     1

(e) What do you mean by ‘Operation Desert Storm’?    1

(f) Where was the First SAARC Summit held?    1

2. Write two principles of New International Economic Order.      2

3. Why did big powers need to have alliance with smaller countries? Write two reasons.                 2

4. Write two causes of disintegration of Soviet Union.      2

5. Write two constraints on American hegemony.             2

6. In which year the World Bank was created? Mention any one activity of the World Bank.            2

7. What is the difference between traditional and non-traditional security?           2

8. Discuss briefly the causes of conflict between India and Pakistan.          4

9. Discuss briefly about the need of reforms in the United Nations.            4

10. What is the relationship between human security and health? Discuss briefly.               4

11. What is the relationship between the rights of indigenous people and environment? Discuss briefly. 4

12. Write two arguments in favour of and two arguments against globalization.                   4

13. Discuss the consequences of disintegration of Soviet Union.                  6


Discuss the latest trend in Indo-U.S. relationship.              6

14. Examine the political and diplomatic influence of European Union.     6


Describe the aims and achievements of Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).               6

PART-B (Politics in India since Independence)

15. (a) India has a multi-party system. (Write true or false)            1

(b) Who was the Chairman of the drafting committee of The Constituent Assembly?                 1

(c) Simla Agreement was signed between India and _______. (Fill in the blank)             1

(d) Where the first Non-Aligned Summit was held?    1

(e) Article _______ of the Indian Constitution gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. (Fill in the blank)      1

(f) Write the full form of ‘NEDA’.       1

16. Mention any two Ideologies of Bharatiya Jana Sangh.               2

17. Where was the Election Commission in India formed? Who was the first Election Commissioner of India?         2

18. Write two consequences of Emergency of 1975.         2

19. Write any two factors responsible for the emergence of regional political parties in India.        2

20. Write two recommendations of the Mandal Commission.       2

21. Mention two main features of New Economic Policy in India.                2

22. Explain briefly the consequences of Partition of India.              4

23. Discuss briefly about India’s Nuclear Policy.                   4

24. Discuss briefly about the controversy relating to Presidential Election of 1969.               4

25. Discuss briefly about Chipko Movement.        4

26. Discuss briefly the main features of Coalition Govt. in India.                   4

27. Discuss the economic and political results of Green Revolution.           6


State the main arguments in the debate that ensued between Industrialisation and Agriculture Development at the time of Second Five Year Plan.                              6

28. Analyse the lessons India got from emergency.           6


Describe about the Politics of the North-East and the demands of autonomy in the region.             6


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