Political Science Question Paper 2019, AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus Question Papers

Political Science Question Paper 2019
AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
PART – A: (Contemporary World Politics)

1. Answer the following as directed:                                        1x6=6

(a) Write the full form of SEATO.                               

(b) The collapse of which country is known as the collapse of “Second World”?

(c) First Gulf War is also known as Operation Desert Storm. (Write ‘Yes’ or ‘No’)                                 

(d) Agra Summit took place between India and Pakistan. Write the name of the Indian Prime Minister who participated in the Summit.  1

(e) Rio Summit approved a developmental programme named ‘Agenda – 21’. (Write ‘yes’ or ‘no’)                              

(f) The World Council of Indigenous People was formed in the year 1974/1975/1976 (Choose the correct answer)    

2. Mention two reforms Mikhail Gorbachev initiated in the Soviet Union.                2

3. Mention two areas of conflict between India and Bangladesh.                                 2

4. Write the name of two conflicting communities of Sri Lanka.                    2

5. Write the name of two non-governmental organizations which concerned with Protection of Human Rights all over the world.           2

6. Write two distinctions between migrants and refugees.             2

7. In which year was Kyoto Protocol signed? The Protocol dealt with which problem of the environment?      2

8. Discuss briefly about the new International Economic Order.                   4

9. What 9/11 indicated in world politics? Discuss briefly.                4

10. Discuss briefly the functions of the World Bank.          4

11. Discuss briefly about the components of the Security Strategy of India.            4

12. Discuss about the cultural consequences of globalization.                       4

13. Why did Soviet Union disintegrate? Discuss elaborately.          6


Discuss elaborately the U.S. hegemony as an Economic Super Power.           6

14. What are the main pillars of ASEAN? Discuss elaborately.                        6


Discuss the rise of China as an Economic Power.                                 6

PART – B: (Politics in India since Independence)

15. (a) Write the full form of N.D.A.          1

(b) Write the name of the party that won the second largest number of Lok Sabha seats in the First General Election of India.     1

(c) In which year Election Commission started using E.V.M.?            1

(d) Who was the Prime Minister of the coalition government of 1989?     1

(e) The Government of India appointed Mandal Commission in the year 1979. (Fill in the blank)                   1

(f) Write one feature of New Economic Policy of India.     1

16. When was Bharatiya Jana Sangha formed? Who was the founder President of Jana Sangha?                   2

17. On which date was the draft of the Indian Constitution signed and when it came into force?                  2

18. Write two reasons responsible for growing importance of regional Political Parties in Indian Politics.      2

19. Which two union territories were given the status of statehood in 1972?         2

20. Write any two causes of conflict between India and Pakistan.                2

21. Give two suggestions to curb communalism in India.                                 2

22. Discuss briefly about the challenges faced by India immediately after independence.  4

23. Discuss briefly about defection in the Party System of India.   4

24. Why did India adopt the policy of non-alignment? Discuss briefly.       4

25. Write the main objectives of the National Policy for the Empowerment of Women, 2001.        4

26. Discuss briefly about the initiatives taken by Janata government.        4.

27. Discuss the role of Planning Commission in India. Write the name of the organization which has replaced the Planning Commission.                      5+1=6


Discuss the main controversies around planned development in early years of India’s independence.        6

28. Discuss the consequences of National Emergency declared on 25th June, 1975.             6


Discuss elaborately about the Secessionist Movement of North-East India.             6


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