Political Science Question Paper 2018, AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus Question Papers

Political Science Question Paper 2018
AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
PART – A: (Contemporary World Politics)

1. Answer the following as directed:               1x6=6

a)      Write any one new threat to human security.
b)      Write ‘yes’ or ‘no’: China adopted an ‘open door’ policy.
c)       Write the full form of SAFTA.
d)      What do you mean by ‘Operation Desert Storm’?
e)      Which of the following UN agency is concerned with the safety and peaceful use of nuclear technology?
Ø  The UN Committee on Disarmament.
Ø  International Atomic Energy Agency.
Ø  UN International Safeguard Committee.
Ø  None of the above.
f)       _____ initiated the reforms in Soviet Union in 1985. (Fill in the blank)
2. Write two causes of Globalisation.                     2
3. Mention two areas of conflict between India and Pakistan.                                     2
4. When was ASEAN established and how many members were there at the beginning?  1+1=2
5. Write the name of two super powers emerged after Second World War.                                         2
6. Write two constraints of American hegemony.                                              2
7. Write two causes of disintegration of Soviet Union.                                    2
8. Discuss briefly about the relationship between India and China.                            4
9. Discuss briefly about the economic consequences of Globalisation.                     4
10. Write briefly about global poverty.                                   4
11. What is the relationship between the rights of indigenous people and environment? Discuss briefly.                               4
12. Do you think that India should be given permanent membership in UN Security Council? Justify your answer.                    4
13. Discuss the consequences of disintegration of Soviet Union.           6
Discuss India’s Relationship with USA.                                                 6
14. Discuss critically about New International Economic Order.           6
What was India’s stand in the Cold War era? Discuss.                         6

PART – B (Politics in India since Independence)

Marks: 50
15. Answer the following as directed:                                     1x6=6
a)      In which year Planning Commission was established?
b)      In which district Anti Arrack movement took place?
c)       First nuclear explosion undertaken by India was in the year _____. (Fill in the blank)
d)      Write the name of any one State formed on the basis of State Reorganisation Act, 1956.
e)      The fourth general election of 1967 brought change in India’s political and electoral history. (Write ‘true’ of ‘false’)
f)       When was National Emergency due to internal disturbance declared for the first time in India?
16. Write two recommendations of Mandal Commission.                              2
17. _____ and _____ were the two nations included in ‘Two Nations Theory’ advanced by the Muslim League before independence.                                                 2
18. Write two features of Coalition Government.                              2
19. What were the two reasons which led to the midterm election in 1980?                         2
20. Write any two features of India’s foreign policy.                         2
21. What is ‘Grand Alliance’ in the context of Indian Politics?                       2
22. Discuss briefly about the reasons of Congress domination in the early years of India’s independence.                              4
23. Discuss briefly about Chipko movement.                                       4
24. State the main arguments in the debate that ensued between industrialisation and agricultural development at the time of Second Five Year Plan.                                   4
25. Discuss briefly about the secessionist movements in North East India.                             4
26. Discuss briefly about India’s Nuclear policy.                                  4
27. Discuss the controversies regarding emergency. Do you think it was necessary? Justify your answer.  5+1=6
Analyse the lessons India got from emergency.                                                 6
28. What do you mean by planned development? Discuss the role of Planning Commission in the development of India. 1+5=6
What is Green Revolution? Discuss critically about green revolution in India.                          1+5=6

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