Political Science Question Paper 2022, AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus Question Papers

Political Science Question Paper 2022
AHSEC Class 12 New Syllabus
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
PART – A: (Contemporary World Politics)

1. Answer the following as directed:                                        1x6=6

1. (a) Write the full form of NIEO.              1

(b) The collapse of which country is known as the collapse of the “Second World”?        1

(c) In which year Iraq invaded Kuwait?                1

(d) Write the full form of SAFTA.            1

(e) Earth Summit was held in the year _______. (Fill in the blank)           1

(f) The World Council of Indigenous people was formed in the year 1974/1975/1976. (Choose the correct answer)

2. Mention two reforms Mikhail Gorbachev initiated in the Soviet Union.                2

3. Write down the names of the Permanent member states of Security Council of United Nations Organization.    2

4. Write the names of two non-governmental organisations which were concerned with Protection of Human Rights all over the world.                 2

5. Name the principal organs of United Nations Organisation.                      2

6. Mention two sources of threats to human being.                                          2

7. Write two causes of Water Pollution.                                  2

8. Why did big powers need to have alliance with smaller countries? Write four reasons.  4

9. Discuss briefly about the constraints on U.S. hegemony.                            4

10. Discuss briefly about the recent relationship between India and Pakistan.                       4

11. Write briefly about Global Poverty.                                   4

12. Discuss briefly about the Political Consequences of Globalization.                       4

13. Why did Soviet Union disintegrate? Discuss three reasons.                                     6


Discuss elaborately the U.S. hegemony as an Economic Super Power.               6

14. What are the main pillars of ASEAN? Discuss elaborately.                        6


Discuss India’s Relationship with China.                          6

PART – B (Politics in India since Independence)

15. (a) In which year first general election was held in India?                         1

(b) Who was the first Chief Election Commission of India?                      1

(c) Write the full form of NEFA.                          1

(d) Panchsheel principles were jointly declared by Indian Prime Minister _______ and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. (Fill in the blank)                               1

(e) Who started “Total Revolution”?                1

(f) What is the full form of MNF?                       1

16. When was the Bharatiya Jana Sangh formed? Who was the founder President of Jana Sangh?     2

17. Write the names and symbols of any two National Political Parties in India.                    2

18. Write two consequences of 1977 Lok Sabha Election.                               2

19. Write any two features of Coalition Government in India.                       2

20. Write two causes of the emergence of communalism in India.                              2

21. Write two causes of origin of regionalism in India.                      2

22. Explain briefly about “Two-Nation Theory”.                                   4

23. Why did India adopt the Policy of Non-Alignment? Discuss briefly.                      4

24. Discuss briefly the causes of decline of the Congress Party.                                    4

25. Discuss briefly the importance of Social Movement.                                  4

26. Explain any two reasons for the emergence of the Coalition Politics in the Indian Democratic System. 4

27. Discuss the main controversies around planned development in the early years of India’s Independence.         6


What do you mean by planned development? Discuss the role of Planning Commission in the development of India. 1+5=6

28. Discuss the consequences of National Emergency declared on 25th June, 1975.              6


Discuss elaborately about the Secessionist Movements of North-East India.                           6


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