Dibrugarh University - M.Com (Final Year): Financial Services Syllabus

Course No. DC – 205 B
Marks : 80
Block – 1: Merchant Banking                                                                    Marks – 18
Unit – I: Merchant Banking : Companies Act, 2000, Registration of Merchant Bankers and Regulations, Authorized Activities, Terms of Authorization, Penalty System, Defaults in prospectus, Project Preparation and Appraisal.
Unit – II                : Pre-Issue management – Pre-Issue management Activities (stepwise), Pre –Issue Management and Pricing, Post – Issue management, Listing Requirement of Stock  exchanges.
Unit – III: Merchant Bankers and Portfolio Management – Portfolio, Obligation and Responsibility of Portfolio, Manager, Code of Conduct of PM / MB, Portfolio Management Procedure and Strategy.

Block – 2: Mutual Funds in India                                                                   Marks – 10
Unit – I: Mutual Funds in India – Definition, Concept, Advantages, Mutual Funds in India, Mutual Funds by Category, Mutual Funds by Schemes.

Block – 3: Venture Capital                                                                        Marks – 10
Unit – I: Venture Capital – Features, Financial Support, Technological revolution, Guidelines Issued by the Government / SEBI.

Block – 4: Leasing                                                                                        Marks – 10
Unit – I: Leasing – Objectives of Leasing, Steps involved in Leasing Factors, influencing Leasing, Types of Lease Financing, Advantages of Leasing, Disadvantages of Leasing.

Block – 5: Credit Rating                                                                             Marks – 16
Unit – I: Credit Rating – Types of Credit Rating, Limitations of Credit Rating, Scope of Credit Rating, Objectives of Credit Rating, Credit Rating Process, Credit Rating Agencies in India. Credit Rating and Information Services of India (CRISIL), CRISIL’s Rating Process, Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India. (ICRA)

Block – 6: Foreign Capital Flows                                                                  Marks – 16
Unit – I: Introduction, Uses and Determinants of Foreign Capital, Forms of Foreign Capital, International Financial Instruments, Trends in Foreign Capital of Inflames to India, Indian Direct Investment aboard, Essential Commercial Borrowings, Foreign Institutional Investors Investment, Regulatory aspects of FIIs, NRI-Investment,  Foreign Collaboration, Foreign Direct Investment, Drawbacks of Foreign Capital.

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