Dibrugarh University - M.Com (Final Year): Marketing Management Syllabus

Course No. Com – 202
Marks: 80
Block – 1: Foundations of Marketing                                                                        Marks – 16
Unit – I: Conceptual Framework: Marketing Concept & Function: Tasks and Philosophies of Marketing Management.
Unit – II: Systems and Mix: Marketing System and Market Mix, Market Vs. Marketing.

Block – 2: Consumer and Marketing Information                                                    Marks – 16
Unit – I: Consumer: Consumer Behaviour: Motives, Theories, Consumer Decision Making Process, consumerism.
Unit – II: Marketing Information: Marketing Information & Research-necessity, procedures and approaches.

Block – 3: Product & Pricing                                                                                     Marks – 16         
Unit – I: Product Decisions: Product Concept, Product line and Product –mix, New Product Development, Branding Packaging, Product Life Cycle.
Unit – II                Price Decisions: Objectives, Importance, Price-setting in Practice & determinants.

Block – 4: Distribution & Production                                                                         Marks – 16
Unit – I: Distribution Decisions: Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution Decision, Channel Design, Channel Selection, Logistics of Distribution.
Unit – II                Promotion Decisions: Objectives Importance, communication process, communication programmes & methods.

Block – 5: Marketing Strategic Decisions & Types                                                      Marks – 16
Unit – I: Strategies Decisions: Marketing Environment Analysis, Strategies Decision Making, Approaches, Analysis & Choice, Market Segmentation and Selection.
Unit – IV: Types of Marketing: Social Marketing, Service Marketing, International Marketing, Rural Marketing, Mass Marketing, Relationship Marketing, e-marketing.

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