Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis Syllabus (203) | M.Com (Final Year DODL)

Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year Syllabus (DODL)
Course No. Com – 203

Block – 1: Business Research Basics          Marks – 16

Unit – I: Introduction to Business Research.

Unit – II: Types of Research, Research Plant * Design.

Unit – III: Collection of Data, Sampling

Unit – IV: Measurement of Scaling Techniques

Block – 2: Descriptive Statistics          Marks – 16

Unit – I: Processing of Date, an overview Diagrammatic & Graphic Presentation, Measures of Central Tendency.

Unit – II: Measure of variation, skewness, Correlation & Simple Regression (two variable case).

Unit – III: Time Series Analysis and Index Numbers.

Block – 3: Probability & Theoretical Distribution       Marks – 16

Unit – I: Probability & Probability Rules – Classical Relative, Subjective, Addition & Multiplication Probability Models.

Unit – II: Conditional Probability and Baye’s Theorem.

Unit – III: Probability Distribution – Binominal, Poison and Normal, their characteristics & applications.

Unit – IV: Statistical Decision Theory

Block – 4: Statistical Inference & Testing           Marks – 16

Unit – I: Statistical Estimation & Testing, Point & Interval estimation of population mean.

Unit – II: Proportion & variance

Unit – III: Statistical Testing – hypotheses and errors, sample size determination.

Unit – IV: Large & Small Sampling Tests. (Parametric)

Block – 5: Non – Parametric Tests & Reporting                    Marks – 16

Unit – I: Application of Non-Parametric Tests-Comparison with Parametric Tests

Unit – II: Tank Correlation Test, chi-square Tests, Sing Test, Median Test, Wilcoxon Signed Test, Kruskal-Walle’s Tests.

Unit – III: Interpretation of Statistical Data, Report-writing-steps, problems content, precaution, utility characteristics.  

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201: Financial Management

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203: Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

Group A (HRM Speciality)

204A: Human Resource Management

205A: Industrial Relations

Group B (Banking Speciality)

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205B: Financial Services

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