Dibrugarh University - M.Com (Final Year): Human Resource Management Syllabus

Course no. COM – 204 A
Marks: 80
Block – 1: Human Resource Management – Concepts and Role of HRM Marks – 16
Unit – I: Introduction to HRM – Personnel Management: Human Resource Management – Evaluation of Human Resource management, Human Resource management and Personnel management.
Unit – II: Functions of Personnel Management: Functions and Objectives of Human Resource Management, The Changing Role of Human Resource Management.

Block – 2: Human Resource management Planning and Development                   Marks – 16
Unit – I: Manpower Planning and HRD : Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection – Human Resource Development.
Unit – II                Training and Development : Employee Training – Principles and techniques,  Executive Development – Principles and Techniques, Career development.

Block – 3: Wage Payment and Performance Appraisal                                               Marks – 16
Unit – I: Systems of Wage Payments: Wages and Salary Administration –Systems of wage payments, incentives-monetary and non-monetary.
Unit – II:  Performance Appraisal: Performance appraisal – Promotion and transfer.

Block – 4: Employee Motivation and communication                                                  Marks – 16
Unit – I: Motivating Employee: Employee morale and motivation – Management Technique designed to increase motivation, Job satisfaction.
Unit – II: Communicating Employee : Communication and counseling.

Block – 5: Personnel Control and Policies                                                                     Marks – 16
Unit – I: Personnel Control : personnel Control – personnel records and statistics, Personnel research.
Unit – II: Personnel Policies : Audit of Personnel and programmes.

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