Industrial Relation Syllabus (205A) | M.Com (Final Year DODL)

Dibrugarh University M.Com Final Year Syllabus (DODL)
Course No. COM – 205 A
Marks: 80

Block – I: Industrial Relations – Basics      Marks – 16

Unit – 1: Introductions to Industrial Relations: Objective, Introduction, Industrial Relation Concept, Approaches to Industrial Relation, Importance & Scope.

Unit – IIIndustrial Relation – a systematic approach: Objective, Introduction, pre-requisites of Successful Industrial Relation Programme, Characteristics of Industrial Relation System.

Block – 2: Trade Union – An Actor to Industrial Relation    Marks – 16

Unit – I: Introduction to Trade Union : Objective , Introduction, trade Union Concepts, Functions, Problems of Trade Unions, Tools used by Trade Unions.

Unit – II: Worker’s Education: Objective, Introduction, Meaning, Scope, Purpose, Venue & Technique.

Block – 3: Industrial Dispute        Marks – 16

Unit – I: Industrial Disputes: Objective, Introduction, Forms, Causes, Role of Wage Policies.

Unit – II : Preventive Measure: Objective, Introduction, Institution of Labour Welfare, Bipartite & Tripartite Bodies, Standing Orders, Grievance Procedure & Ethnical Codes.

Block – 4: Settlement of Industrial Dispute           Marks – 16

Unit – I: Worker’s Participation in Management: Objective, Introduction, Concepts, Forms, level of participation, evaluation of function.

Unit – I: Collective Bargaining: Objective, Introduction, Concepts, Importance, Principles, Forms, Levels, Evaluation of Functioning.

Block – 5: Industrial Dispute Settlement Machinery          Marks – 16

Unit – I: Conciliation and Arbitration: Objective, Introduction, Conciliation, Concept, Procedure & Types, Arbitration: Concept, Procedure & Types.

Unit – II: Adjudication and Industrial Environment: Objective, Introduction, Adjudication: Concept, Procedure, Types, Evaluation of working and justification, Industrial peace, Industrial Democracy. 

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